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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Governor Huckabee "Hucks Up" Again

Remember the ad he said he would not air in Iowa? According to Johnathan Adler @ NRO's The Corner it has been aired in Iowa:

The non-partisan FactCheck.org reports that Huckabee's anti-Romney aired on three Iowa stations despite the Huckster's press conference proclaiming he would not go negative. Moreover, FactCheck concludes that Huck's ad "shades the facts" to distort Romney's record in the process.

Last night on Leno, Huck said that if he'd wanted to be cynical, he would have aired the ad, and then pulled it after claiming pangs of conscience about going negative. It seems to me that the Huckabee campaign pulled an even more cynical move: Proclaiming it would not run a negative ad in an effort to take the "high road," and then running the ad at the last minute anyway, without leaving the Romney campaign time to respond.

At the close of the ad, Huckabee says "If a man’s dishonest to obtain a job, he’ll be dishonest on the job." I agree, and it's one more reason I actively oppose Huckabee's campaign (in addition to supporting Fred).

Now can anyone say that they can support this man? He is dishonest. He has not been forthright with his record. These are reasons why we cannot, in good conscience, support him in the primaries. Governor Huckabee, we hope, will not win in Iowa tonight. (Our predictions are here.) If he does, it will give him a tremendous boost going into New Hampshire. But we do not expect that to happen. We expect Iowa voters to select Mitt Romney.

But this episode tells more about Mike Huckabee than anything he has said thus far. In our opinion, his actions have sounded off much louder than his words.



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