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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A win for Hillary -- Hsu gets three years in prison

Hillary can breathe easy now as Norman Hsu has been sentenced to three years in prison for the '92 fraud case in California:

A judge on Friday sentenced disgraced political donor Norman Hsu to three years in state prison after rejecting the one-time Democratic rainmaker's bid to throw out a 16-year-old fraud conviction.

Hsu's lawyers had asked Superior Court Judge Stephen Hall to dismiss his 1992 no contest plea, arguing his right to a speedy trial was violated because authorities weren't actively pursuing him during his years as a fugitive. They could easily have arrested Hsu, his lawyers argued, at one of the fundraisers he hosted in California for prominent local politicians.

Hsu also faces federal fraud charges in New York.

His troubles began dogging Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and other big-name Democrats last summer when news reports revealed he was a fugitive who fled the state before he was sentenced for the 1992 fraud conviction. He turned himself in on Aug. 31 -- then fled again.

He was recaptured in September in Colorado after he tried to kill himself by overdosing on drugs aboard an eastbound Amtrak train. Hsu has since been held without bail in a Redwood City jail.

Why do I say that Hillary can breathe easier? Because he's avoiding a trial that would have exposed the money trail that could have proved more than embarrassing for the junior senator from New York. Michelle Malkin highlighted the request from conservative bloggers to the FEC to investigate her campaign finances on the heels of the bundling done by Norman Hsu for her. The money, it seems, was given to others for them to donate thereby flouting election laws.

Now he does face a fraud indictment in New York where he is accused of taking money from investors and dumping it into political campaigns, so she may not be out of the woods yet. And if it's found out that he is guilty of this, what will happen to Hillary? Probably nothing as she and her husband seem to be virtually untouchable by the letter of the law. Even if she is implicated in having knowledge of these donations, the worst that might happen is she'll have to repay the money, so don't start dancing that jig just yet. But at least this crooked fool is going where he belongs.

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