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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Minor housekeeping on Monday

First, let us extend our congratulations to the New York Giants for an awesome underdog win in the Super Bowl, and one that ensured that the surviving members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins were drinking champagne last night as they continued to celebrate their "perfect season." (YES, the Patriots went 18-1, and were perfect until the Super Bowl. The Dolphins went 17-0 WITH a Super Bowl win; read it and weep Pats fans.)

Second, tomorrow is set to be a showdown across the country as Super Duper Tuesday begins sharply at 7 am in all time zones. A review of RCP polls and and Rasmussen numbers shows a surging Mitt Romney not only in California, but also Georgia, Missouri, and in Tennessee. This is all shaping up to make tomorrow a veritable "High Noon" sort of day. Anyone who is concerned about a possible McCain victory should get out and do as Marcie and I will do tomorrow morning. Get out and vote for Mitt Romney. At the very least, if the two men split the day, we could be on our way to a brokered convention, much like the 1976 Republican National Convention. (Personally, I think such a convention might benefit Mitt Romney over McCain for the sheer fact that McCain has alienated so much of the GOP base.) Whatever the outcome, tomorrow night is going to be a long and bumpy ride for Republicans.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are looking at two nominees that don't really excite a whole lot of their own base. Barack Obama is charismatic, and is doing a great job of stumping on the "we need change" mantra, and he's attracting a lot of younger voters to his camp, and not enough of the older base figures, Ted Kennedy and family aside. Hillary, for her part, fell back on her blubber-fest strategy today in an attempt to get the sympathy vote from the Democrat base; an appeal most likely to work on women, as it did in the run-up to New Hampshire. (Hint to Senator Clinton, no one will take a commander-in-chief seriously who cries at the drop of a hat, and she really doesn't express any sort of genuine sentiment from those crocodile tears.) Just as much as the Republican primaries promise to be a bumpy ride, so does the Democrat primaries, especially if Obama runs the table as many prognosticators predict.

Lastly, I realize that blogging here has been light since I got the computer back from the shop. That is due to something that happened while it was out being fixed. I cracked open a brand new notebook, and began to write the book I had been thinking about doing for a couple of years now. By the time the computer was done, I had almost three-quarters of the notebook filled with a "rough-rough" draft. Over the last week I've been putting it down on the computer. While the desire to blog is an incessant one for me, Marcie reminds me constantly that "the book won't write itself." So, in my spare time (which has been a lot lately; sacrificing blogging to get the book finished) I have literally been getting it typed out. Once that's done, I'll go back over it and fine-tune the areas that need it. My goal is to have this manuscript ready for publisher submission by the middle or end of summer. I've got no idea who I might submit it to, though Marcie keeps telling me to try Regnery, given the amount of conservative books they publish. That is a matter for another day. The point now is to get it done. So, that's where I've been.

I will try to get more blogging done over the next couple of weeks (Wednesday is the best day for me as I can knock down several posts in a day, and still have a little time to work ont he book), and I hope once this is done, I'll be moving forward on the site here. Don't lose heart. We're still here, but sometimes the voices in my head need their appropo time to flourish. That's what they're doing in this book, and with a little hope, I might actually get a chance to see this published.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to Marcie! Keep at the book! Rawriter.

February 4, 2008 at 11:43 PM  

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