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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The End is just the beginning

It's said that as we move through life, we are only working towards the end. And yet I've see many endings in my life, and they always lead to a new beginning. The same is true for Captain Ed Morrissey. Next to Hugh Hewitt, Captain Ed is the blogger we enjoy most. It is his site, Captain's Quarters, that we have frequented most often, and it's his site that we have picked up most of our news from. It was also his site that prompted us to pick up Chris Muir's Day-by-Day comic that our readers see here everyday.

But, as the adage goes, "all good things must come to an end":

The time has come to sail Captain's Quarters into drydock. Tomorrow I officially start my new adventure at Hot Air, and as we have discussed all week here, all of my blogging efforts will go into building on the success at that site. I will continue to write as I like, as often as I like, on subjects that I like, with my own perspective, and gain access to a much larger platform at which to do it.

The site will remain on the Internet. The archives will be accessible at
this link, so if you ever decide you wish to review my work or search for a favorite post, it will be ready to serve you.

I hope all of the commenters at Captain's Quarters will join me at
Hot Air. For those who missed the open-registration deadline, I can add people manually. Send an e-mail to "register" at "captainsquartersblog.com" (without the quotes), and be sure to include your preferred username and password, as well as the e-mail address you want to use for your account. I can add people manually or fix earlier registrations at any time, so keep that e-mail address handy.

For my last post here at Captain's Quarters, I'd like to thank a few people. First, I want to thank the entire CapQ community, which has been an absolute blessing. I want to thank
Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson, who have mentored and befriended me and opened many, many doors. Rush Limbaugh has shown me many kindnesses, most of which have come quietly. Of course, it goes without saying that Michelle Malkin -- for whom I will begin working tomorrow -- has been a wonderful friend to me for almost the lifetime of this blog.

I don't have the room to list all of the bloggers who have assisted me over the years, but I do want to acknowledge a few.
Glenn Reynolds has given me many links and has served as an inspiration, of course, as he does to many of us. Robert Bluey at Heritage has been a good friend and a sounding board. Rob Neppell has become a good friend, as has Mark Tapscott.

Mostly, though, I want to thank my friends on the Northern Alliance --
Mitch, King, Brian and Chad at Fraters Libertas, and John, Scott, and Paul at Power Line -- who gave me encouragement and guidance without any reservation or condescension. They are a great group of bloggers, but more importantly, a great group of friends, and I'm lucky to have them.

Finally, and crucially, one person remains to thank. If it weren't for the support and love of my wife Marcia, the First Mate, I never would have been able to do this. She has been nothing but supportive and encouraging, even when the blogging became a much larger effort than either of us ever dreamed.

Simply put, I'm one lucky man to have all of this.

Let's all take the next step on the adventure.

As he says, this is by no means an end for him, but rather a new beginning. He took those first tentative steps this week as he began blogging over at Hot Air, and for him, nothing has changed except the URL. He's still the same old Captain Ed. He always will be. We'll miss hitting his site daily -- numerous times a day -- but the addition of him to the staff of Hot Air is only going to make that site better. They do have a virtual all-star line-up there with Allahpundit, Michelle Malkin, and at times See-Dubya and Slublog. So, shed no tears because the man is still in the 'Sphere. As a matter of fact, his entry into a new adventure brings to mind an old movie line:

"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

See you later, Captain.

Publius II


Anonymous Chris Muir said...

Thanks for having DBD here!

March 2, 2008 at 9:14 PM  

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