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Monday, March 31, 2008

A primer for poseurs

I decided I'd have a little fun at someone else's expense. See, earlier this evening Hugh Hewitt took a call from a seminar caller who was outed in an instant. So, for all the seminar callers out there that want to call him up, and challenge him, I'd like to offer a little piece of advice to you. STUDY up on your subject before you call.

The call started off on the wrong foot when the guy called him "Mike." He spun it away as he had just finished listening to Michael Medved, and was calling into talk to him. The guy claimed he listened all the time. So Hugh hit him with a softball --"What's my name?" He missed that one.

The man's name is Hugh Hewitt. He was born in Warren, Ohio on 22 February 1956. He graduated from Havard and University of Michigan Law School. He worked in the Reagan administration in the 80's. He oversaw the establishment of the Richard Nixon library in California; a man he ghost wrote for early in his career. His work with KCET in LA earned him three Emmy awards, and he conceived and hosted a 1996 PBS program called "Searching for God in America." He is the author of nine books, including his most recent "A Mormon in the White House?"

He is a fan of Ohio State and Notre Dame, and utterly despises and regularly ridicules USC. He is a Cleveland Indians fan and a Cleveland Browns fan. The man who produces his show is Generalissimo Duane Patterson, and his other minions behind the glass are Robby, Moses, and Adam. His wife is referred to as "the fetching Mrs. Hewitt" (who recently spent nine hours in traffic class after getting clocked at 89 mph).

His titles include Master of the Horse in Minnesota, the Archon of the Twin Cities, and he is the Minnesota Commissioner of Hockey.

REGULAR guests on his show include Congressman David Dreier, Congressman Hohn Campbell, James Lileks, Christopher Hitchens, "Columnist to the World" Mark Steyn, Deans John Eastman and Erwin Chemerinsky (the Smart Guys), Mike Allen (of Politico), Mort Kondracke, Fred Barnes, Larry Kudlow, Emmitt of the Unblinking Eye, and Tarzana Joe -- the official poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt Show.

He has been in attendance of the Minnesota State Fair, and yearly travels to Disney Land. (While at Disney Land, he forces Duane to go through some convoluted "test" of stamina and strength -- the most hilarious one being doing the "It's a Small World" ride fifty times in a day; a feat he was unable to accomplish.)

This is just an overview of the man. I've never met him, and he knows me only through the times I call into his show. If I can amass this much knowledge of one person, the seminar poseurs should be able to at least pass his test regarding how much they know of him. So, my advice to those who call in claiming they listen to his show "all the time" is bone up on him. It's not that hard. Otherwise you're going to sound like a buffoon on the air like this poor soul did this past afternoon.

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