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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hillary's new "3 a.m." ad -- an exercise in ridiculousness

Allah's got it, and yes, it's beyond ridiculous. With this ad, people can see that Hillary is grasping at straws. See, the ad is all about her getting that infamous 3 a.m. phone call about ((GASP)) home foreclosures.

Yes, you can yawn now.

See, the point of the 3 a.m. ad that McCain ran was about foreign policy experience and national security experience. It's about that call that no president wants to get at that time.

Another attack on the US.

An attack on our allies abroad.

An attack on our interests abroad.

Etc., etc. We know the drill. Imagine being the president and receiving a phone call that New York or LA have just been nuked? Or that a dirty bomb has been detonated in Kentucky? Or that Iran has just announced they have a working nuclear weapon. These are the scenarios that a 3 a.m. phone call should imply.

For Hillary to put this ad out is simply idiotic. Who in their right mind is going to wake the president up at 3 a.m. (mind you she is FULLY dressed in the ad; who sleeps in their regular clothes?) to let them know that home foreclosures are occurring? ("Is this why you called me? There's no national disaster unfolding? Ha, ha, real funny. You're fired.")

How desperate does a candidate have to be to put out such a stupid and foolish ad, and then have the disclaimer at the end that "I approve this message"? One that's willing to lie their @$$ off in the hopes the voters are too stupid or preoccupied to catch them. The despondency in the Clinton camp has to be bad, especially after the favorable/unfavorable numbers for today show that Obama has come back to even, and hers still reside in the lows fifties. Her lead in Pennsylvania is shrinking -- now at a five percent gap, and the daily presidential poll shows them both one point apart with her at 45% and him at 44%.

This all translates into carelessness on her part, and this ad isn't helping to stifle that image that we pundits are seeing.

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