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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Issue Up!!

You know what day it is. That's right, it's April Fool's Day, but this is no joke. The new issue of Common Conservative is out, and do we have a couple of good columns for you guys this time around.

The Chief kicks this one off with a piece on the rebate bribe pimped by the government. In short, the poor guy gets richer, and we get squat except for a meager bribe.

Patrick Shanahan is on hiatus, so feel free to peruse his archives.

Larry Simoneaux observes the cool things about rules,/li> like boundaries, and the need for repercussions when the rules are broken.

And Marcie and I give a quick overview, and originalist opinion regarding DC v. Heller, currently being mulled by the US Supreme Court.

Our guests include:

Randall Nunn is talking about John McCain, and whether or not he's going to slide back into the conservative role he proclaims to have never left.

Chris Adamo discusses the Democrat crack up in the primaries.

Thomas Brewton brings up the lesson that Obama should have learned from his pastor, but thanksa to the hate and vitriol, he likely missed that sermon.

Jeff Lukens discusses the fact that church and state should be viewed as supporters of one another, not divided from one another as the Left desires.

Ron Lipsman opines about the sad state of affairs in our higher education system.

And rounding us out is Jim Kouri who asks an interesting question regarding Rep. William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson.

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