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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Don Surber explains it all

Anyone want a good reason why the media is dying? One of the reasons is entertainment; humor, to be exact. Bloggers can reach many readers by injecting a tad bit of humor in their posts. Be it tongue in cheek (which Glenn Reynolds is a master at), or outright (as Lileks is known for); drunk (Stephen Green is notorious for his live drunk-blogging), or a literal walk on the insane side (like the inmates at Ace of Spades asylum, mortuary, and massage parlor), we have the talent in the alternative media to deliver not only poignant, powerful punditry, but we get the laughs and chuckles, too.

OK, so what is my point? Well, I'm glad you asked. Don Surber serves up a rather amusing post on a slow, uneventful Sunday. (I've seen these done before by the likes of Dean Barnett when he used to blog over at Hugh Hewitt's site.) They were funny as Hell, and Don Surber has us smiling today as he unleashes his sarcasm and wit on unsuspecting readers.

What's that? Make you? Um, can't do that. It's your choice. But I'd say if you opt out, you're missing some serious chuckle moments. What? Give you a preview? What do I look like, a cineplex? Scratch that. If you were considering going to the movies this weekend, I'm guessing you'd be seeing this one. (HT to Ace -- commander in chief of the AoS "moronosphere".) What? Geeze, I can't please you until you get your way. Fine. Here's a couple previews for you:

Question: How deep is the trouble that Democratic Sen. Barack Obama is in?
Answer: Kerry deep.

Question: What’s today’s proof of global warming?
Answer: A
blizzard in May in South Dakota. Everything proves global warming.

Question: Did London just elect Gary Busey as its mayor?
Answer: The new one does
bear a resemblance to a younger, sober Busey. I’ll miss Ken Livingstone. I like the daft.

There. You laughing yet? No? ::Pulls shotgun down from the wall:: Laughing now? Good. I'll see you over there then.

Oh, and one last little note before I put this up for the weekend. Housekeeping, really. A note to readers, or more like a warning, I suppose. Starting sometime this week Marcie will be taking over the predominant blogging here at our cute little site. School's over, and I figured I'd give her a couple days to rest that cute and very weary brain. Look for her around Tuesday, probably. Like I said, I have no clue, and she's a woman; thereby she is finicky. Just look out for her. And no this doesn't mean I'm going anywhere, but I will be taking a small hiatus when she takes over.

Be nice to her. The rules still apply with her as they did with me. You may be sarcastic in replying to what she posts, but no swearing, please. We do try to be family oriented here. Also, no spam. We're not interested in what you're selling, peddling, etc. Unless you're a fellow blogger commenting on what was said, and providing a link for us to have a look-see at your site. But no spamming.

You all have a fine and fun night. And remember that Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow. If you're partying, hopefully you're at home. If you're sponging off someone else's cerveza, or Patron, have a designated driver. We don't like to hear of stupid people splattering others all over the road because they thought the half-hour argument with the door mirror over how drunk you are, and the amount of time it took you to find the door lock was your own deluded idea that you were sober enough to get behind the wheel of a two ton weapon. Drink responsibly, okay?

Publius II


Anonymous kabukivillage said...

Hey guys...great work...email me at kabukivillage@yahoo.com and I can send you a great video of the Code Pinko aftermath in NJ....too much fun...

May 5, 2008 at 9:30 AM  

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