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Friday, May 2, 2008

New Issue Up!!

No, I didn't forget to do this. We've been busy, and I got a little sidetracked. But rather than blow this off because it didn't get put up on the first (which isn't fair to the boss or us) I decided it would be the first thing I did today. Yes, the new issue of Common Conservative is up on the 'Net, and awaiting readers. As always this post will remain at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so readers can shoot over via the links I provide. Scroll down for any further updates.

The boss starts us off with a piece about how our society has slid into the brat category of "I want it now and I don't want to work for it" sort of an attitude. We think he's been listening to Michelle Obama too much recently.

Larry Simoneaux gives readers his take on warning labels. Do pay extra special attention to the one regarding toasters, the IRS, the second one for alcohol, and for politicians. But, come to think of if, for politicians, wouldn't it just be easier if we handed them the "stupid" sign Bill Engvall talked about a couple years ago?

Marcie and I address Barack Obama again, only this time we explain that he isn't the politico so many are swooning over, but rather he's a snake-oil salesman running a shell game. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Chris Adamo kicks off the guests with a piece about whose lies will capture the Democrat nomination. (After the recent missteps by Obama, we can expect him to be clinging to his own gun and Bible soon.)

J.J. Jackson spots an interesting trend amongst conservatives. He notes that some claim to be so upset with John McCain that they are calling talk radio shows and telling the host that they're going to vote for Obama. (In the radio business we call these moronic liars "seminar callers." No TRUE conservative would vote for a Socialist like Obama.)

Ralph Reiland goes in-depth into the Wright/Obama affair, and whether Obama really shares Wright's racist views. (Frankly, all we're concerned about is the fact that Obama's chickens are coming home to roost in this race.)

Daniel Clark discusses the war critics, and how utterly and completely obtuse they can be. (Sort of reminds us of the little kid walking around with his hands over his ears yelling "La-La-La, I'm not listening to you!")

Nancy Salvato discusses the recent ad campaign by the Chicken Little crowd that features prominent conservatives and liberals talking to the public about climate change. (Personally, I think the world would be better off if the global warming/climate change Chicken Littles would shut their yaps, and let the Earth's climate continue in the cycle it's always been in.)

And Jim Kouri rounds us out with a piece on how schools and their bureaucratic cretins are bending over backwards for Muslims in schools, but refusing to be inclusionary with Christian values and holidays. (We saw this coming years ago when a minority of people seemed to trump majority opinion; political correctness run amuck.)

That's it for this issue. Enjoy reading!

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