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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jimmy Carter: "It will be time for her to give it up."

Jimmy Carter still thinks he's relevant in this world, and that's really a sad notion. The man means virtually nothing to the political spectrum, but the doddering old goat just won't take the hint. In an effort to make himself important, he explained to SKY News that after 3 June, it will be time for Hillary to step aside, and give up her campaign:

In an interview with Sky News in London, former President Jimmy Carter said that after the final primaries on June 3 in South Dakota and Montana, he expects the remaining 210 or so uncommitted superdelegates will announce who they're backing in the Democratic contest, after which Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, will have to exit the race.

"I'm a superdelegate," Carter said. "I think a lot of the superdelegates will make a decision quite, announced quite rapidly, after the final primary on June 3...I have not yet announced publicly, but I think at that point it will be time for her to give it up."

Carter was asked if Clinton was achieving anything by continuing in the race.

"I think not," he said. "But of course she has the perfect right to do so."

Carter was hinting that he was a supporter of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, as far back as April. The semi-endorsement came with strings attached, as that month Carter engaged in a public effort to engage with Hamas, which the U.S. government officially classifies as a terrorist organization. When asked by ABC News' David Wright, Obama said he wouldn't meet with Hamas and he said he disagreed with Carter's decision to meet with the group -- he called it a "bad idea" that gave Hamas "a legitimacy that was unnecessary" -- but he stopped short of condemning the former president for doing so.

It's amazing to see how many Democrats want to see Hillary out of this race. We know how much the Clintons are despised in the Democrat party, and it's matched by the general consensus of the nation. (Bear in mind that Hillary's negatives haven't dipped below 45% since she started this race. Toss in this report from Rasmussen about the fact fewer Democrats want her out, and it makes Carter look like a moron.) It's clear to us that the only people who want her out of the way are the power-brokers in the Democrat party.

And we questions that idea. After all, Obama has lost five of the last seven primaries. Worse yet, he lost Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. In our estimation, should he be the nominee, he will be unable to take the majority of the Midwest ("Heartland," America), and he will have significant problems in the South. His "bitter" comments clearly resonated with those voters, and his recent comment about "those middle states" isn't looking good for him in said states. The man comes off as an effete snob who is disconnected from America; where it stands, what it stands for, and what it needs for the future.

Raising taxes, opening negotiations with our enemies, running socialized health care, defining what is and isn't a patriotic corporation, appointing activist jurists to the federal courts -- This is what Obama sees is his "destiny" in America. He is radical in ways that make a socialist cheer, and he's a loony, lightweight liberal who will do whatever it takes to remake the nation in the image he believes we should be emulating rather than sticking to the original vision of the Founders.

Carter can say what he wants. He's within his right to speak his mind. But the superdelegates can't make the case that Obama is the guy to make the run for the presidency. Almost every prognosticator out there says Hillary would be the more formidable opponent for John McCain. But hey, if the Democrats want to blow their foot off, who are we to argue with them?

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