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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hillary wins Puerto Rico in a landslide

Hey Barry? You know what a landslide is, right? You ought to know. "Landslide" rhymes with Kentucky and West Virgina, remember?

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential primary in Puerto Rico on Sunday, and is expected to return to the mainland with a purseful of delegates.

With just 29 percent of votes in, Clinton was taking 68 percent of the vote to 32 percent for Barack Obama.

But lower-than-expected turnout could hamper Clinton’s efforts to argue she can attract enthusiastic general election voters and is the better candidate than Obama in the fall race against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

Puerto Rico’s role was enhanced in the Democratic primary election process this year as its 55 delegates are a critical chunk in the remaining three contests in a marathon primary season that has yet to crown a nominee.

Returns were expected to come in slowly but some pre-vote estimations had Clinton winning about 35 of the total delegates to Obama’s possible 20.

Yeah, yeah. We know. The Democrats are still going to take Barack "I'm a radical lightweight" Obama as their nominee. ((Yawn)) When will Democrats learn that you can't nominate a neophyte, and expect to win a national election? I'd like to add to his woes a little with this report from the Politico: [Author's note -- pay attention to the bolded section below]

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decisive win in Puerto Rico demonstrated that her electoral coalition has at least temporarily survived the blow the Democratic Party dealt her campaign Saturday in denying it an infusion of delegates from Michigan.

The cable networks called the island territory for Clinton the instant polls closed at 3:00 p.m., indicating a landslide; exit polls showed her winning virtually every group, including young voters typically loyal to nomination rival Barack Obama.

Ow. The vaunted "youth vote" gave in and went for Hillary. That doesn't bode well for him as he's readying himself to possibly begin his general election run in St. Paul on Tuesday. Why do I say that? Because, as I've often stated since Super Duper Tuesday, the kids won't turn out in the general election. They don't have a historical record of doing so. Even McGovern, who ginned up hi fair share of kiddies on his side, couldn't beat Nixon with that "vaunted" bloc of voters.

Second question, what does Puerto Rico mean? Virtually nothing because they don't vote in the general election. However, we'll recall that the primary contests have been fairly close for both Obama and Hillary, and all of a sudden, she's knocking homerun landslides out of the park, and Obama's yawning about them. Bad move, Barry, because she does have the better argument for the convention than the weak one you have.

Obama’s spokeswoman in Puerto Rico, Leslie Miller, said Saturday that Clinton’s victory wouldn’t “change the fact that we’re ahead in pledged delegates, super delegates and states won.”

Yeah, "sweetie" and the primaries mean exactly squat in the general election. The question Democrats -- especially superdelegates -- ought to be asking themselves is "Are we really going to nominate a guy so green that he's a walking gaffe machine worse than John Kerry?"

Fortunately for us, their answer will probably be "YES WE CAN!" Funny thing about mantras. They don't win elections, no matter how many times the lightweight and his lemmings spout them.

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