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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Something happened on the way to the Forum

The Republican National Convention is set for September. It'll be held in St. Paul, Minnesota. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum; namely, Ron Paul:

Maverick GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has booked an arena in Minneapolis for a "mini-convention" that could steal some of John McCain's thunder just days before he accepts the Republican nomination.

A Paul campaign aide said the Texas congressman hopes to pack about 11,000 supporters into the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on Sept. 2, which coincides with the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in neighboring St. Paul.

Paul, 72, will announce details for the rally Thursday at the start of the Texas Republican Convention in Houston.

The campaign hopes the daylong event will "send a message to the Republican Party," Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton tells the Tribune-Review.

"There is a growing surge of people out there just craving" for a return "to traditional American government, limited government that places personal liberty first and places an emphasis on personal responsibility and essentially gets out of the way after that," Benton said. "The buzz we get from supporters is that they are very eager to come to St. Paul and very eager to send a strong message."

For all the Paul supporters out there, that's the right message to be sending right now. The GOP definitely needs a return to its roots; its base and heart. The problem is that Ron Paul isn't the guy to do it. Given his past dealings with anti-Semites and racists, he is hardly the man to bring the Republican party back to the conservative side of things, no offense. His followers, no matter how sensible or nutty they may seem, remind us of Obama supporters in their zeal. And no, that's not a bad thing, if you don't mind some nutty people wandering around.

His point is well taken. We've strayed from our message in a big way. And nominating John McCain is no way to spread the true conservative message. But on the flip side, Ron Paul's message is no better. While we'd appreciate a return to sensibility in the government, returning to the 1800's isn't exactly what we desire. The world is a big place, and like it or not, we're a part of it. We can't subscribe to the isolationist viewpoint he holds, and he doesn't have the support of Congress to take us back a time of sensibility. Besides, the president can only do so much. He needs to work with the legislative and judicial branches of the government to return to where we belong. If he'd plan to do so in four years, he'd be doing little else. And I wouldn't be like Obama there, counting on a second term. That's a ways away, and not definite.

We'll commend Ron Paul for sending the message. Not sure if he's the right messenger, but kudos to him. High fives for sending the message, and high fives for not disrupting the convention. Too much was spoken of regarding his people disturbing the RNC the way the "Recreate '68" fever-swamp nutters were planning to do. At least he grew a brain, somewhere along the way.

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