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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ugliness from the Obama camp

The Obama camp obviously has some "personnel" problems. Jim Johnson was chucked under the bus earlier this week. The Eric Holder death watch is still going on, given his past. And there is the bevy of radicals in Barack Obama's past. Given that, what else could go wrong? A lack of unity, perhaps?

So much for party unity: As Florida Dems prepare for Saturday's Jefferson-Jackson dinner aimed at bringing the party "together once and for all," a spat over the Obama campaign's decision to replace some already-designated Florida delegates with Obama backers has intensified.

And how. DNC member Jon Ausman late Thursday e-mailed Dems (and reporters) choice sections of what he says were e-mails from Obama's Florida finance chair Kirk Wagar -- in which Wagar curses Ausman out and criticizes Sen. Bill Nelson and party director Leonard Joseph.

The highlights: "You (Jon Ausman) f&^%ed us. We are dealing with it. You need to accept the fact that you f*&^ed us."

And of Nelson: "I am getting very sick of (Senator) Nelson making a bad situation worse."

Said Ausman to Wagar: "We are at a point in time when we need to heal and come together. Help me understand how these messages, which you have sent to me in writing, help Senator Obama's campaign."

No one has yet explained why Obama decided that some of the delegates needed to be replaced. It really makes no sense because the Rules and Bylaws committee has already settled this issue with regard to both Florida and Michigan. What's insane about this little tiff is that Obama needs the party united behind him. The road to the White House is an uphill climb, and he's already weakened in the demographics that won't vote for him, and the Clinton supporters who feel alienated by their own party, and at him.

This is no way to win friends and influence people. But are we surprised? About the only guy behind the scenes for Obama who acts like an adult is David Axelrod. The rest of his people seemingly act like children. And if that's what portrayed, it's not going to send a message to voters that Obama can be trusted to bring a new tone to Washington, or that he can assemble a competent, sensible administration.

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Anonymous marilynn said...

There's an old saying -- "give him enough rope and he'll hang himself." (http://www.dkgoodman.com/aphorism.html)

I'm hoping this is exactly what Obama and crew are doing, just the way McGovern did in 1972 -- along with many others during history. With Obama, it seems, "we" don't have to do much of anything. He has had the "rope" in his possession all along.

June 14, 2008 at 6:07 AM  

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