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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Regarding the veeps

We do our best to avoid anything that's not confirmed. Then, we ran into the veepstakes where every possible news story is reported as breathlessly as Dan Rather's stupidity in a hurricane. But this is getting ridiculous.

The list on our side includes Romney, Pawlenty, Palin, and supposedly Ridge and Lieberman. (We completely discount the latter two because McCain can't be that stupid. I'll explain this in a minute.)

The list on Obama's side includes (still) Biden, Sebelius, Kaine, and possibly Kerry, Bayh, and Hillary. (We completely discount the last one due to the fact that it won't helkp him seal up his base.)

As for Ridge and Lieberman for McCain, his performance at the Saddleback Forum this past Saturday won him the base. I know a lot of people will still turn their noses up at McCain, but for the most part he made some serious inroads to the GOP base. After eight years of sticking his thumb in the Republican bases' eyes, he won them over. He was concise and succinct; not giving Barack Obama an inch with those questions posited by Rick Warren. Obama, on the other hand, showed just how inexperienced he was.

He stuttered. He stammered. He obfuscated. He couldn't seem to get a complete thought out of his head without being ambiguous.This isn't going to help Obama at all, and what's worse concerning his veep choices is the fact that nearly every one of them being considered now is that they have a resume that is thicker than his own. Seriously, let's run down those tickets ....

Obama/Sebelius -- The "Life is overrated" ticket.

Obama/Biden -- The "Clean and Articulate" ticket.

Obama/Kaine -- The "Experience doesn't matter" ticket.

Obama/Kerry -- The "Effete snob" ticket.

Obama/Bayh -- The "Open borders" ticket.

Obama/Clinton -- The "I'm losing the women" ticket.

And as I said before, those five people have a thicker resume (yes, even Tim Kaine) than Barack Obama. His people are having one helluva problem finding someone who's accomplishments won't trump the top of the ticket. They're trying to say that Obama has all the experience he needs, but in comparison to those five possible running mates (yes, including Time Kaine) he's wet behind the ears.

For McCain, this "trial balloon" being floated for a pro-choice candidate will hurt him should he so choose to accept them on the ticket. See, let me explain this mistake. John McCain is 71 years old, and should he die due to whatever possible cause, that pro-choice candidate is going to be left with the choice of Supreme Court nominees. For the past few decades we have been trying to regain both sense and sensibility on the high court. A pro-choice candidate would likely choose "moderates" like O'Connor and Kennedy. Unreliable, at best; hostile to an originalist perspective, at worst. And for us, this is a non-negotiable issue. We're not going to cede the high court to Democrats or moderate thinkers.

Speculation abounds, and we'll see shortly which direction these two men will go. And yes, we're aware that the veeps really don't matter much when it comes to the ticket, overall. But this election is different. This election will determine the course of the country for the next couple of decades, if not longer. So, in a way, the veeps are important this time around. Will they help determine the presidency? Not when it comes to our side, really. They may help the Democrats in assuring their base that Barack Obama will have the necessary experience backing him up.

In short, this election matters; a lot. The veeps may help them. They each have their experience they bring to the table, and additionally they could put states into play that people are strategizing over.

Romney helps put Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, and possibly New Mexico in play.

Bayh would put Indiana in play, and along with it, Ohio, Possibly Pennsylvania, Michigan, and he could help with Virginia.

See, this is what we mean. Both sides have their plusses, and they have their drawbacks. A pro-choice candidate will kill McCain. Putting Sebelius on Obama's ticket would likely destroy any inroads he may have made into conservative Christian demographic territory.

Who's going to make the right choice? If we take the rumors to be true, we'll know sometime this week for Obama. (Thursday for Obma to ride a bump and a wave of news analysis into and through the weekend.) McCain on the 29th of this month. (To neutralize the Obama bump out of the convention.) Either way we'll see just how smart these two guys in in a matter of days. We're not giving a lot of credit to Obama, and despite the pro-choice meme in the media, we give McCain a tad more on the intelligence side. McCain has seen the fruits of his labor since Saturday's Saddleback forum discussion with both candidates. He is not going to blow his foot off in some sort of asinine message to a base that would abandon him from an incredibly idiotic decision.

He will put pride aside. Obama can't. Everyone he's considering has more experience than he does.

Publius II


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