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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Willie Brown on Sarah Palin

Willie Brown is an admitted liberal, and today he wrote a piece on Sarah Palin. Needless to say, he speaks truth to power about her, and how she has changed the game in this election. In short, he is scared, and worse yet, he knows she is a danger to the Democrats this year:

The Democrats are in trouble. Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign.


Palin's speech to the GOP National Convention on Wednesday has set it up so that the Republicans are now on offense and Democrats are on defense. And we don't do well on defense.

Suddenly, Palin and John McCain are the mavericks and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the status quo, in a year when you don't want to be seen as defending the status quo.

From taxes to oil drilling, Democrats are now going to have to start explaining their positions.

Whenever you start having to explain things, you're on defense.

I actually went back and watched Palin's speech a second time. I didn't go to sleep until 1:30 a.m. I had to make sure I got the lines right.

Her timing was exquisite. She didn't linger with applause, but instead launched into line after line of attack, slipping the knives in with every smile and joke.

And she delivered it like she was just BS-ing on the street with the meter maid.

She didn't have to prove she was "of the people." She really is the people.

We disagree with him on the point he makes later that the press should begin to treat her as they did Senator Obama. They have not yet, and they will not. They will do everything they can to kill her; to break her and bloody her because they know, like Mr. Brown does, that as long as the McCain/Palin ticket rolls on, there is little hope for the Democrats to take the White House this election.

We will congratulate Mr. Brown for doing the one thing that his associates in the media refuse to do, which is he did not attack her at all. He broke down what she means in this campaign, and what she means to the McCain candidacy. She is the reformer we have long been searching for, and on the ticket with "McCain the Reformer" they will be unstoppable.

Is this "Palinmania" that we have embraced? Heh. No, we have read the tea leaves and short of literally killing her, the Left has no chance this year. They cannot debate her. They cannot smear her. They can create as many contrived scandals as they wish to, but in the end she will come out smelling like a Rose. Why? Because she is clean. There is no scandal or skeletons in her closet. She is, quite literally, the face of Heartland America, and Americans love rooting for someone whose values and morals are the keys to a candidates bona-fides.

She is more than a smile. She is more than a mom and a loving wife of 20 years.

She is a barracuda, and the Democrats know it.



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