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Friday, October 24, 2008

Go along with us now, or we'll do it anyway

Democrats are emboldened thanks to the media's blatant bias in their favor hyping up their electoral victory before the election is even held. Captain Ed cites the brazenness of Barney Frank and congressional Democrats that could care less about how badly they could hurt this economy. They're content on growing the government in ways this nation hasn't seen since FDR's New Deal. From Captain Ed (I'm citing what he has because he links to an AP story, and the AP is still embargoed here):

Liberal-leaning economists made the case for several new and expensive spending programs as a House panel on Friday pressed the Democratic case for legislation to try again to jump-start the sagging economy.

Even though Congress is in recess, Democrats have held several hearings this week to make the case for a $150 billion or more economic stimulus measure to follow the $700 billion bank rescue passed three weeks ago. A round of tax rebates and business tax breaks passed in February was credited with giving the economy a modest boost over the summer, but fears of a protracted recession after the credit crisis have Democrats promising more. …

If Republicans continue to resist, said Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., Democrats are likely to rejoin the issue in January, when they expect party standard bearer Barack Obama to take the oath of office as president.

“There’s no question the House will pass … a much bigger (stimulus plan) than we passed before,” Frank said of a postelection lame duck session. “If enough Republicans in the Senate decide to filibuster it … then we’ll just wait until January.”

And yet wasn't it a talking point of Barack Obama that he's worked in a bipartisan manner? Yeah, sure he lied his butt off, but this just goes to show that the Left isn't interested in doing what's best for the nation. They want to grow the government, they want to increase taxes, they want more control of our lives. And Barney Frank and his colleagues are willing to play dirty to get their way. Republicans don't want to go along? Fine, we'll wait until we have our rubber-stamp Congress and Chief Executive in place, and pass it anyway.

Franks words need to be put into an RNC ad, and run in every major congressional district. They also need to include a reminder of the congressional approval ratings, and how they have plummeted to record levels with the Democrats in charge of the show. John Murtha is just one of many House Democrats that might end up losing to a Republican. He trails Bill Russell by 13 points, 48-35.

Not only should their be ads about Franks statements, but there should also be ads showing the feckless nature of the Democrats. Show their pork-spending ways, and the asinine projects they've spent taxpayer money on. The people need to see that the temper-tantrum thrown by the GOP in 2006 wasn't a smart move. Yes, the congressional GOP needed to be taught a lesson, but it should have been a targeted lesson, and not the knee-jerk strategy supported by certain pundits out there. (No, I won't name names. I'm not John McCain. And those fools know exactly who they are.)

The tantrum was wrong, and this year we have a chance -- albeit slim -- to close the gap, if not retake one of the Houses in Congress. At the very least we need to close the gap. 2010 could translate to a brand-new '94 revolution. And if that should happen, we need solid, fiscally-responsible leadership to maintain the numbers.

The Democrats are counting their chickens before they hatch. They're convinced that an Obama presidency is inevitable, and that they'll grow their majorities in both Houses. If that happens this nation is in serious trouble. Obama is going to raise taxes, virtually across the board. The idea of average Americans investing in the economy will be gone because they won't be able to afford the spike in the capital gains tax. Nevermind the payroll taxes on small businesses, and the increase in small business taxes for those that bring in revenue of $250,000 or more a year. (Yes, moonbats. Go back and watch the 'Joe the Plumber' exchange in it's entirety, and you clearly hear him say he's going to tax revenues.)

So if we want to avoid this nightmare scenario, we need to hit the incumbent Democrats with Franks' statements. We need to push the facts that they don't give a rip about this nation when it comes to it's economic health or America's national security. They care only about growing the government as large and as briskly as possible. They have been for bigger government since LBJ, and it appears they show no signs of changing their tune. Let's hit them where it counts, and show them they're not the only game in town.

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