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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preparing for the worst

JammieWearingFool has an interesting post up related to a story in The Hill about police beefing up their forces just in case riots break out after the election:

Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the historic presidential contest.Public safety officials said in interviews with The Hill that the election, which will end with either the nation’s first black president or its first female vice president, demanded a stronger police presence.

Some worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in the election, violence could ensue in cities with large black populations. Others based the need for enhanced patrols on past riots in urban areas (following professional sports events) and also on Internet rumors.

Democratic strategists and advocates for black voters say they understand officers wanting to keep the peace, but caution that excessive police presence could intimidate voters.

Sen. Obama (Ill.), the Democratic nominee for president, has seen his lead over rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) grow in recent weeks, prompting speculation that there could be a violent backlash if he loses unexpectedly.

Cities that have suffered unrest before, such as Detroit, Chicago, Oakland and Philadelphia, will have extra police deployed.

In Oakland, the police will deploy extra units trained in riot control, as well as extra traffic police, and even put SWAT teams on standby.

“Are we anticipating it will be a riot situation? No. But will we be prepared if it goes awry? Yes,” said Jeff Thomason, spokesman for the Oakland Police Department.

First off, the report alludes to "foul play" in the election. As we have seen in recent weeks, the only such "foul play" the currently exists comes in the form of ACORN and their rampant voter registration fraud they continue to perpetuate. Does that mean we're going to be the ones rioting if McCain loses? No. We don't do that. We're not like that. But you look at Obama's unhinged, seething supporters, and you look at what they've done to squelch any sort of dissent, and you get the picture. Even if by cheating he can't win, you can bet his supporters are going to lose it.

And don't expect the media to give us a pass on things if riots do break out. They'll pin it on John McCain. They'll pin it on "racist" America. And they'll likely have on talking heads saying the rioting might be "justified" because of the anger brewing out there amongst his supporters who will feel as though the election was stolen from him. I mean, come on. His supporters think we should just coronate him now, and forget about the formalities of a democratic election.

I'd like to see the riot police use something other than non-lethal tactics on these thugs if they take to the streets, but that's just wrong. We don't want to see blood in the streets. But given the apathetic nature of this society -- numbed from political correctness, conflict resolution, and the lack of a spine when dealing with criminals -- tear gas and plastic bullets are the best that will be mustered against these people should they choose to embrace social unrest as opposed to losing with grace and dignity. Like I said, should McCain lose we won't be taking to the streets, though some of the people we know might consider the possibility. (I urge restraint. We're not like the angry Left.)

While that last bit might seem a tad inflammatory, but take a look at the unhinged nature of today's modern Democrats and tell me it's not time to get back in their faces when they act like animals. We're sick to death of these people getting away with the crimes they perpetuate all in the name of "anger" at the Right. For far too long in this country we have witnessed these people engage in violent temper-tantrums when they don't get their way. Sorry, but in a democracy we can't all be winners. It just doesn't work that way. In politics there are always winners and losers. And should Obama lose, we hope there isn't any violence that erupts but we can't promise that. We can't trust the Left to lose in a dignified manner. For eight years the unhinged ones are still seething over Florida 2000, and how they believe Bush was "selected, not elected."

(Need we remind them that Obama, himself, was "selected, not elected" in the primaries? That he needed the superdelegates to put him over the top, and without them there would have been a floor fight at the convention over the nomination? A convention, I might add, that had police in Denver ready in case riots broke out there?)

Like I said, we hope violence doesn't break out in the wake of this election, but we're glad to see that police are taking the necessary precautions just in case the animals are let loose from the unhinged, moonbat zoo.

Publius II


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