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Sunday, October 19, 2008

No more Mr. Nice Guy

(Editor's note -- We have a rule on our site that there is to be no swearing. Not by us, unless we censor it, and not by commenters. But today -- this post -- is an exception. Why? Because just like Ace & company we're fed up with the media.)

How fed up? I'll let Ace explain:

A lot of people want to know why we shouldn't begin "vetting" the media -- and by "vetting," I do in fact mean vetting. I mean starting a fund to put f*cking detectives on them and begin outing them, one by one:

In the closet.

Hits his wife.

F*cking her editor.

Stoned out of his mind on coke half the time.


And to reduce costs, I'm sure some budding citizen journalists-detectives would be wiling to take a night a week following these bastards around, taking pictures.

The media's position that Joe the Plumber who merely asked a question must be "vetted" out of existence certainly supports the full-blown "vetting" of them.

After all, far more turns on the questions they ask and... refuse to ask, more importantly.

Will we do this?

I've had angry phases where I was within inches of proposing just this. Even starting a corporation with limited liability protections to do so.

It may be time.

But not now. There are only two weeks left. The media isn't changing. They are in the tank for Obama; this is the full-court press. If we "got" one or two of these bastards by election day, what effect? None.

However, I have been loathe to even post such a notion in the past. It's too ugly, too vicious.

Not anymore.

It is their own "rule" -- those who ask questions that harm one's preferred candidate must be hounded and harassed and humiliated until they are silenced.

If this is the rule they impose on everyday citizens, it's time for everyday citizens to impose it on them.

Yes, this is where we're headed. And while I used to greet the prospect with disgust, now I'm comfortable with it.

It is their own "rule."

They will have to live by it, same as all of us.

Joe the Plumber was the last straw.

He was the last "freebie."

Here, here. We didn't start blogging for sh*ts and giggles. We started blogging because, on some level, we wanted to contribute to the New Media rising. Yeah, we're little fish. We have our readers, and for that we welcome you here. We always enjoy comments, e-mails, and input.

But the media doesn't. We've bloodied their noses in the past. Ask Dan Rather. Ask Eason Jordan. They've still got the scars from crossing swords with the blogosphere. And for those that think we can't make a difference, think again.

There's what, maybe a million or so "professional journalists" out there.

There are BILLIONS of us around the globe.

If media people like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Christiane Amanpour, Tom Brokaw, Gwen Ifill, etc., want to play the game, then let's dance. And here's the punchline. They're not willing to go where angels fear to tread. They're afraid that if they do, they'll end up like Bernie Goldberg; ostracized from the Beltway media martini parties with all the "beautiful" people. the nuanced nutters that enjoy lounging around and shilling for a party -- for an ideology -- that is inherently contrary to this nation on virtually every level.

They don't want to play the game if someone they like is the target? Well, it's time to make them the targets. It's time to take the fight to the old media and show them who's the boss around here.

No, not bloggers. Not talk radio. THE PEOPLE, in general, en masse. We're the bosses, you ignorant, self-absorbed dolts. And now YOU are the ones with the targets painted on your backs.

MediaVetting.com is up and running and they're coming after those that act in an unprofessional manner, or those that just don't want to do their jobs, and then turn on us when we ask questions.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. We're bringing a fat bag of knuckles, and we're not taking prisoners. Like Ace said, any dirty laundry that is found, pass the tip off to MediaVetting.com. They'll post it.

The day of wine and roses -- tea and crumpets along the primrose path -- for the media is over. We're sick of it, and we're not going to take this anymore.

Welcome to the new world, chumps. We suggest you buy a lot of beer because you will need it to cry in.

Publius II


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