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Friday, October 17, 2008

One more reason to not vote for Obama

There are a host of reasons to not vote for Obama. If we focus on his judgment the names Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Pfleger, and Khalidi come to mind. If we look at his issue stances, we see that he will raise taxes on a good deal of Americans. He will take us off offense in this war, and give our enemies the breathing space they need to regroup and rearm. And don't get us started on who he'll put on the Supreme Court when a couple of the current justices decide to retire. But this endorsement would seal the deal if we were on the fence:

A US presidential poll victory for Barack Obama would be "phenomenal," former UN chief Kofi Annan said Thursday, adding that whoever wins needs to learn the lessons of the last eight years.

Speaking at a conference on hunger in Ireland, he underlined the need for the United States to work in "partnership" with the rest of the world.

When asked if the United States and the world was ready for a black US president, he said: "I think it would be a phenomenal change for the US and for the world.

"It would introduce a new dynamics (sic) and a new relationship between the US and the world. Whoever wins this presidency will have to come out prepared to work in partnership with the rest of the world," he told reporters.

And he added: "I think we have learned some lessons in the past eight years and I hope whoever wins will bear that in mind."

I really hope people remember the legacy of Kooky Uncle Kofi. This was the man who stalled the 2003 invassion of Iraq so that Saddam could move his toys out of the country. This is a man who oversaw the Oil-For-Dictators program that granted millions upon millions of dollars in hush-money kickbacks so that UN officials would look the other way as Saddam continued to break provisions of the 1991 cease fire. This is the man who tried to cover up the sex scandals perpetrated by UN peacekeepers around the globe.

If he thinks this endorsement is going to win Obama any new voters, he's got a rude awakening coming. While I won't say it'll turn off Obama supporters, this endorsement could very well push some of the fence-sitters towards McCain. The UN isn't liked much here in America, and a good majority of people would prefer the UN pack up, and move to Brussels. So the former general secretary of the UN endorsing an American political candidate isn't exactly going to win over hearts and minds here.

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