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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Immediate reactions from tonight's debate

Let me start by saying I think McCain edged out Obama in this debate. But he didn't need a narrow win. He needed a home run. In that, he failed. So sorry. Hate to disappoint, but there were several times where I wanted to reach through the TV and throttle them both; Obama for his utter stupidity, and McCain for his pandering. What we wanted to see was a John McCain coming out, hammering hard, and putting Barry on his heels. I, personally, don't think he did. I'll watch the replay of the debate off of C-Span later to see if I'm wrong. If I am, expect a correction tomorrow.

Second point, and this is one that has irritated BOTH of us for some time, and that's this global warming/climate change BS that BOTH sides are pandering too. It doesn't exist. There is no "consensus" no matter what the Goracle and other idiots say. It doesn't exist, and it is most assuredly not due to our fault. We've been on this planet for how long, and now, all of a sudden, we're the cause of it's destruction?

You rubes need to sit back, calm down, and have some dip. Clue to the global warming alarmists out there -- this planet has an ecosystem that is constantly changing. Not you, not I, not Marcie, not John McCain or Barack Obama can change that. So quit hyping the Ponzi Scheme. It's bull$hit. Nothing we can do now is really going to help us in the long run.

Next, Obama has no clue regarding the economics of this nation. His ideas regarding the economy will take a weakened economy into a recession, or worse, a depression. His spending will assure that this nation will see a depression.

Next, regarding national security, McCain is correct. We need to stay vigilant, and we also need to secure our independence on certain aspects. Namely, energy, and Obama thinks we can't drill our way out of this mess. On the contrary, we can, and we will. Tapping our energy resources will lessen the burden we have worldwide on oil, on natural gas, on a variety of ideas. Senator Obama doesn't think we can. He pays lip service to this issue, and it shows in how he presents it.

Lastly, when it comes to global politics -- geopolitics -- Senator Obama doesn't have a clue. He chastises this nation for the decision to invade Iraq despite it's clear threat to us, to our interests abroad, and to our allies. He claims that Senator McCain wants to stay in Iraq when, in fact, he doesn't. He wants this theater of war over as much as we do, but we're not ready to see us end our intervention in that nation if it means it emboldens our enemies. Retreating -- what Senator Obama posits -- is exactly that.

Obama claims that we'll "kill" our enemies, but given the fact he clearly can't see the facts of the matter, I wouldn't trust this rube to run a lemonade stand much less be commander-in-chief.

On the question of Afghanistan, Obama sounds like a naive fool. Claiming that we need to put the screws to him about being "responsible" when it comes to Karzai, and this is the underlying problem with his knowledge. Afghanistan isn't Iraq. You can't use the strategy in Afghanistan that we used in Iraq. Afghanistan doesn't have the tribes at their back the way Iraq did. He'd be better served, as McCain states, to rely on General Petraeus. If anyone can come up with a counterinsurgency strategy, General Petraeus can present one, and execute one. Senator Obama doesn't think much of General Petraeus, as we've seen recently, and in that he shows us he doesn't give much towards the man who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in Iraq.

I'm not impressed by Barack Obama, at all. Neither of us are. We're also none too impressed with John McCain. He needed a clear-cut win, and he didn't get it. This isn't the Palin/Biden debate where she put him on defense from the word go. Both men seemed to pander to issues. This isn't the townhall we expected. Tom Brokaw's presence was a, and I hate to use the word, distraction. It would have been much better if the questions -- ALL of them -- came from the audience.

McCain was solid on his strong points, and Obama continued to show his weakness and naivete. But people that heard this debate, watched this debate, will get the feeling that both men didn't do what they needed to do to sway people. We still support McCain, but we see an immediate future of defending him continuously when it shouldn't be needed.

John McCain needs to take the gloves off, and knock this rookie out. This election is his to lose, and he did little tonight to sew this up.

Publius II


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