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Friday, October 31, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

Yes, I realize it's not the first just yet, but the boss had to light out for the weekend early, and he wanted the new issue up now. And what better day to do that on than a Friday. Why? Because Fridays are slow news days. So yes the new issue of Common Conservative is up and unlike network TV, there are no Halloween specials in this issue. But we do have good authors with their views on the political and cultural world around us.

The boss starts us off with a list of things the next president should be doing. And pardon him if he doesn't agree that among those should be a raise in our taxes, or talking with the world's thugs.

Larry Simoneaux has some passing thoughts on a variety of subjects, including on a dance he once had with a first love. You gotta love memories like that.

And Marcie and I go through the five reasons why you shouldn't vote for Obama. Call it a last minute plea to voters prior to election day.

The boss kicks off the guest columns with a book review. The book is "What A Life: How the Vietnam War Affected One Marine" by Randy Kington, and judging from the review it's one worth reading.

Stew Bolno gives us ten reasons why he didn't and won't vote for Obama on election day.

Ralph Reiland explains why Obama would be a bane to small businesses should he be elected.

JJ Jackson tells you why the Democrats fail miserably in the Robin Hood department, and he points out that, like always, this is just a means to pull a fast one on us.

Jack Ward talks to us about how elections have been watered down to where we choose the sylistic candidates over the ones with brains.

And Richard Geno rounds out the guest pieces with a column about why we fought the Cold War, and he asks if we've forgotten the reason behind it?

Enjoy reading!! Have a Happy Halloween, and we'll see you at the polls on the fourth.

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