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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Iran not sitting on it's laurels

Yeah, I know. That's hardly news, right? I mean, we all know they're working as fast as they can to create a nuclear weapon, so what's the title mean. It means what Captain Ed links to. From the J-Post today on Iran's collaboration with Hamas after an embarrassing defeat:

Iran has renewed efforts to supply advanced weaponry to Hamas and the IDF is concerned that the terror group will try to smuggle long-range Fajr missiles into the Gaza Strip.

According to the latest intelligence assessments, Iran, which was responsible for writing Hamas's military doctrine, has already launched an internal probe to determine how the plan it had created for Hamas failed to cause more IDF casualties.

The military plan created by the Iranians was based on three pillars: The first was the defensive measures that Hamas had created in Gaza, which included dozens of kilometers of tunnels and thousands of roadside bombs and booby-trapped homes.

The second pillar was rocket attacks against the home front. Here too, Hamas failed to fire rockets farther than 40 kilometers, even though it had planned to.

The third pillar was creating a "victory image" in the form of a burned-out tank or the abduction of an IDF soldier.

"Hamas thought it would succeed like Hizbullah did in 2006," a senior defense official said.

The IDF is concerned that Hamas and Iran will try to smuggle long-range Fajr missiles into the Gaza Strip. Fajr missiles, manufactured in Iran, have a range of 70 km. and if fired from Gaza would easily reach Tel Aviv.

On Monday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said that renewed weapons smuggling would be legitimate grounds for Israel to renew attacks against Hamas.

While the Fajr is large - 10 meters in length compared to the two-meter Grads - it is believed that it would be possible to smuggle the rockets into Gaza after it was disassembled into several components and via a tunnel dug especially large for the purpose.

Iran's not happy with Hamas. Remember that when Hamas was mulling a cease-fire, Iran warned them not to do it, lest they lose support from the regime in Tehran. That would have had more teeth behind it had they gotten Hezbollah involved in the recent dust-up. But Hezbollah stayed out of it. Our best guess is they saw how intent the Israelis were about rendering justice on Hamas.

But this is just one thing sitting on the new president's place. Not only do we have to deal with them over their nuclear program, but we have to deal with them in how they are interfering with allies of ours. And remember that this isn't the only realm that Iran is involved in. They are still trying to work that old black magic in Iraq. People jumped all over McCain when he stated that Iran was helping to train al Qaeda operatives but the record is there for people to see that Iran has been working with some very nasty people. (Yes, we get the whole Sunni/Shiite thing but this has been proven before, in Iraq, with al Sadr's groups working with Zarqawi's AQ guys -- before the latter reached room temperature -- showing that "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" is far more prevalent than people will admit.)

This story should concern those in the Israeli government. Tzipi Livni is right to stand firm in doing the best job possible to stop the smuggling of these weapons. And the government should also warn Hamas that if they utilize those rockets that there will be no quarter given when they go back into Gaza. And stories like this remind me of a recent Michael Ramirez cartoon epitomizing the stupidity of Hamas.

Of course we could have told people this was coming. Hamas only uses cease-fires and truces to restock their depleted armaments and ammunition. On occasion when they've had a lengthy one, they come back with new toys, and Israel almost always strikes back. And after kicking Hamas' @$$ again, they go to another round of cease-fires. This is quite predictable. The easiest way for Israel to end this is to destroy the organization, and it starts with striking Iran in retribution for them arming these animals.

That day is coming, and if we were in the mullahs' sandals in Tehran, we'd be rather concerned. Not that they'll be the target of an attack, but rather what sort of attack will it be? How decisive will the strike be?

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