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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sex equals torture?

OK, who perked up at that title? Come on, don't be shy. We know that Teddy Kennedy would pay good money to be tortured this way. Supposedly one of the Mumbai terrorists that was caught after the rampage ended is claiming that a female FBI agent tortured him with sex:

Fahim Ansari is accused of helping to plan the attacks in which 173 people were killed in November.

His lawyer, Ejaz Naqvi, has filed legal papers with Mumbai magistrate's court, claiming the "white woman" removed all his clothes and showed him pornographic films.

In the papers, he claims that three foreigners, including the woman, sexually abused him, causing him "severe itching and wounds" on his body, including his genitals.

Mr Ansari, a devout Muslim, claims this amounts to torture because it is against his religion, The Sun newspaper has reported.

A court in the Indian city ordered medical checks on "wounds on his private parts and all over his body."

Mr Ansari was arrested with five other suspects last year.

Police have said that he is a trained member of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the terrorist organisation responsible for the Mumbai attacks.

He was detained in February last year in connection with an attack on a police camp in Rampur that left seven paramilitaries and one civilian dead.

Police have said Mr Ansari had hand-drawn maps of key Mumbai landmarks, some of which were hit in the attacks that started on 26 November.

Let me remind readers that terrorists always claim they're being tortured. We've had several down in Gitmo claim that they're being tortured by being forced to listen to Britney Spears music, or having Harry Potter books read to them. That's not torture. They claim that the environmental controls at Gitmo are purposefully manipulated -- making a room colder or warmer -- and that this is torture. No it's not. They claim that them being put in physically uncomfortable positions is torture. No, it's not.

The Geneva Convention is explicit when it comes to what constitutes as torture. Now if it's true that the FBI agent in effect molested him (which is what I believe he's accusing her of) then she can be charged with that crime, but it's hardly torture. Personally, I think the guy is lying, and that the only thing he might have been subjected to was watching a porno. Whoopty-doo. These animals ought to thank God I'm not the one overseeing their interrogations. I'd look them in a cell, and lose the bloody cell. They wouldn't exist in this world any longer. And the first ACLU @$$hat lawyer that demands they receive the same rights we enjoy is going in the cell with the animal.

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