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Monday, February 9, 2009

Arlen Specter -- Why he supports the crap sandwich

No, not Barack Obama's idea of change. It's time for our idea of change. We have three people on our side in the Senate that believe the Pork-A-Palooza is worth voting for; that it will provide actual stimulus to a weakened economy. It won't because it's not designed to. It's designed to do two things. One, it will pay back the groups and special interests that helped get Obama elected. Two, it will greatly expand the federal government, and the scope of it's intrusion in our lives. This stimulus, bluntly speaking, seeks power and control. That's what Obama wants. That's what the Democrats want. And in today's WaPo Arlen Specter tries to explain why he supports this POS bill. Arlen, no one wants to hear your BS. As a matter of fact, you're about to find out just how much your constituents appreciate your stupidity and naivete:

I am supporting the economic stimulus package for one simple reason: The country cannot afford not to take action.

[Um, Arlen, this nation can't afford to support this bill.]

The unemployment figures announced Friday, the latest earnings reports and the continuing crisis in banking make it clear that failure to act will leave the United States facing a far deeper crisis in three or six months. By then the cost of action will be much greater -- or it may be too late.

[This @$#%&!$ RINO doesn't want to give the markets a chance to actually adjust. Know why? Because he's like every other @$$hole in congress that thinks the government can and should fix all our problems. That's not how this nation was created. That's not how the Constitution was designed. Our Founding Fathers didn't create a socialist nation, and this bill is nothing more than socialism being rammed down our throats.]

Wave after wave of bad economic news has created its own psychology of fear and lowered expectations. As in the old Movietone News, the eyes and ears of the world are upon the United States. Failure to act would be devastating not just for Wall Street and Main Street but for much of the rest of the world, which is looking to our country for leadership in this crisis.

[Um, Arlen, the only people talking up doom and gloom are you, Collins, Snowe and your bloody Democrat cronies. Where is the hope the president promised? Last week he constantly referred to this economic downturn as a "crisis" and a "catastrophe." In his op-ed he wrote, he promised people that if this crap sandwich wasn't passed, the "crisis" might be "irreversible." Look at your friends for the morose malaise talk.]

The legislation known as the "moderates" bill, hammered out over two days by Sens. Susan Collins, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman and myself, preserves the job-creating and tax relief goals of President Obama's stimulus plan while cutting less-essential provisions -- many of them worthy in themselves -- that are better left to the regular appropriations process.

[Senator Specter, there are no tax-cutting amendments in this bill. NONE. The only "tax cut" that has been cited int his bill is an increase to the Earned Income Tax Credit. Know what that is, senator? It's a tax credit you take on your taxes if you make less than a certain amount of money, have kids, etc. It's handing more wealth to the poor. There isn't a single tax cut in this bill that will effect the economy one iota.]

Our $780 billion bill would save or create up to 4 million jobs, helping to offset the loss of 3.6 million jobs since December 2007. The bill cuts some $110 billion from the $890 billion Senate version, which would actually be $940 billion if floor amendments for tax credits on home and car purchases and money for the National Institutes of Health are retained.

[Senator, what you fail to address is the fact that the Senate injected more money into this bill, then the bipartisan group stripped it back out, basically. That's not progress. That's not even close to progress. Like always, you and your colleagues inserted more garbage into the bill, and now you want a pass and a pat on the back for stripping out the crap when there's still more crap int he bill that you and your Democrat colleagues didn't want to pull out. You don't deserve a pat on the back. You deserve a kick in the @$$ for your stupidity.]

Read it all, if you think you can stomach it. And pardon the language in this post, but I'm damn pi$$ed at these three RINOs. Thanks to Susan Collins, Arlen Specter, and Olympia Snowe the Democrats are going to get their bill passed. Make no mistake, this is THEIR bill. They wrote it without ANY input from our side. And what are they doing now? They're coming to us with hat in hand, and telling us that without our support they can't pass this. Good! Great! I'm happy to hear that. If I were in the RINO trio's shoes and actually had a brain (unlike them) I'd let this bloody thing die in the senate because what's in this bill won't help squat in our economy. It won't. It's going to make things worse. Just on how we're going to fund this -- by printing more money -- it's going to tank the economy. We will have inflation -- possibly hyperinflation -- and the markets will continue their slide.

Arlen Specter can spin this crap any way he wants to. My advice to Pennsylvania voters is either contact Pat Toomey or Bill Russell to challenge this POS in 2010. He barely defeated his challenger in 2004, and we're still ticked that Bush campaigned for him. Arlen Specter's been on our sh*t list for years.

He and his cronies are going to condemn this nation to a deeper recession with their traitorous ways. It's time we get rid of these RINOs. Yeah, we're all in favor of sticking with the party, but there's a time where we have to clean house. 2010 should be a house-cleaning year for us, and it starts with Arlen Specter.

Publius II


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