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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Obama miscue?

Captain Ed has the scoop on the newest addition to the Obama administration. The man's name is Ron Sims, and he's being appointed to the number two spot at HUD. The problem is he's got a few skeletons in his closet. The Seattle Times is nearly breathless in singing his praises. From Sound Politics (previous link):

President Obama wants to be the Transparency President:

ON his first full day in the Oval Office, President Obama signaled a new approach to government transparency that will help restore trust in government.

As if opening the Bush administration's musty drapes in the Oval Office, Obama issued a memo urging agencies to err on the side of disclosure rather than on the side of secrecy, when responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.So it's somewhat ironic that Obama has
nominated King County Executive Ron Sims to be No. 2 at HUD.

After all, Sims is culpable for what may well become the largest fine for violations of public records laws in U.S. history: see
Yousoufian, Armen

My own public records suit against Sims (for delaying release of election records which revealed that King County officials unlawfully counted hundreds of ineligible ballots in the 2004 governor's race) goes to trial in April.

Yousoufian sued King County, under Sims' governance, for failing to comply with the Public Records Act, and the Public Disclosure Act. With the state supreme court stepping in, and demanding the fine be increased on Sims, he became the most fined politician in Washington state. Additionally, this alone should have disqualified Sims for the appointment to HUD, especially from a president who wants to run the most transparent presidency ever.

Stefan Sharkansky, who runs Sound Politics, was given the runaround back in 2004 while Stefan was investigating the questionable ballot counting in the governor's race between Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire. It was uncovered that Sims and King County election officials had deliberately counted ineligible ballots which threw the election to Gregoire.

Sims is dirty in a Chicago Machine sort of way, so he'd fit right in in an Obama administration. But the guy shouldn't be in the administration with all the skeletons he'll be dragging to DC.

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