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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vanity Fair Jumps The Gun; Egg on Face Predictable

Just a little amusement for the afternoon. This comes from K-Lo @ NRO's The Corner, and it is in the new Vanity Fair. The caption below the photo reads:


From left: TOM DASCHLE, secretary-designate of health and human services; ERIC SHINSEKI, secretary of veterans affairs; RAY LaHOOD, secretary of transportation; HILDA SOLIS, secretary-designate of labor; TOM VILSACK, secretary of agriculture; JANET NAPOLITANO, secretary of homeland security; TIMOTHY GEITHNER, secretary-designate of the Treasury.

Would it not have been smarter for Vanity Fair to wait and see if Mr. Daschle and Ms. Solis were confirmed before doing this ridiculous photo shoot? Furthermore, do you not have to actually be confirmed before being labled a "Cabinet member?" I suppose that the exit question is, to take a page from Allahpundit @ Hot Air, is how long before this embarrassing picture ends up down the memory hole?



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