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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chas Freemen -- Out as NIC director

Another nominee bites the dust. But we really can't blame this one on Barry. The White House never had a chance to vet the guy. The choice had been made by DNI Dennis Blair. Blair should have done the vetting, especially with the more colorful aspects of his past that were out in the open; exposed by those doing the serious vetting. But Chas Freemen -- Saudi buddy, China water-carrier, the man who blamed 11 September on us and the Israelis -- is out the door, baby:

Charles Freeman, the Obama administration's choice to head the National Intelligence Council, has withdrawn from consideration after facing strong opposition from Senate Republicans.

Freeman is the latest in a string of Obama administration appointees and nominees to withdraw in the past few weeks.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told The Hill that Freeman has withdrawn his nomination and that Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair agreed to accept the decision. Blair released a statement late Tuesday announcing Freeman's decision.The withdrawal came hours after Freeman agreed to testify before the Senate intelligence panel on Thursday to answer questions raised in recent days. All seven Republicans on the panel had sent a letter to Blair raising concerns about Freeman's experience and objectivity.

Earlier on Tuesday Feinstein told The HIll she was keeping an open mind on Freeman's appointment.

"I've talked to director Blair about it. Director Blair feels this is not a policy job, that he's well qualified for what he wants him to do," Feinstein said. "I feel presidents should have their choice if possible of appointments. I've read Mr. Freeman characterized in a number of different of ways. We'd like an opportunity to talk with him and get our own fix on these views. How strongly their held, whether in fact there is bias."

Feinstein said she did not have any concerns over Freeman as of lunchtime Tuesday but that she might change her mind depending on his answers before the intelligence panel.

The moment Feinstein told him to present himself for questioning, the writing was on the wall that Freemen was done like dinner. Democrats are trying to keep controversy out of the Obama administration, not invite it in for tea and crumpets. Freemen was the albatross who could have brought a serious amount of embarrassment to the administration. (Yes, folks, worse than Captain Gaffe-tastic ever could, and we know that's a stretch.)

The fact he even got this far didn't surprise us. Daschle and Killefer got far, too before bowing out due to their tax problems. That's embarrassing enough for the administration because they, supposedly, directly vetted those two. But this was something that even the administration couldn't have covered up unless they tossed him in Cheney's former undisclosed location. (That's not likely because that's where Captain Gaffe-tastic's secret lair is.)

We're sure there'll be media spin over this. What it will be is unknown at this time but I'm sure that Keith Olberdunce and "Tingles" Matthews will come up with some sort of spin tonight.

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