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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NorKs to launch "satellite;" Obama administration cool with it

HT to DrewM at AoSHQ

This comes from McKittrick at Closing Velocity. Back on 3 February, the Norks announced they were preparing to test a new, long-range missile they had developed. This was speculation, of course, because Kim Jong-Il wasn't really crowing too much about it, but their missile test site was being prepped for some sort of launch.

DNI Dennis Blair (remember him folks? He's the nut that thought Chas Freemen would be a good choice to write intelligence estimates for the administration before his mouth killed that job) has stated he buys the bull being peddled by the NorKs about this missile test:

"I tend to believe that the North Koreans announced that they are going to do a space launch, and I believe that that's what they intend," [Blair] told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday.

Well, that's a relief, right? The DNI believes the NorKs are telling him the truth. I feel safer. Don't you? Well, OK, maybe not. When the launch was originally talked about back in February, some intel analysts had sources they spoke with that stated this wasn't going to be a satellite launch, but a long range missile test. I covered this test back on the 3rd of February, and all reports stated this was to be a missile test. Everyone of their long range tests have been "aimed" over our allies (Japan) and at us. McKittrick notes that the Navy informed the White House that they were prepared to shoot the missile down if it was deemed a threat.

The White House's response? Well, they weren't pleased about the offer to shoot the missile down:

As for North Korea, two administration officials, who asked for anonymity when discussing a sensitive issue, say Keating was way out of line to suggest that Obama might use the system now to thwart North Korea, noting that the president has been trying delicately to engage Kim Jong Il's regime. (A spokesman for Keating declined to comment.) "The White House," said one of the officials, "was not pleased."

There's that hope and change you can believe in, right? President Barry is willing to take Blair at his word, who is taking Kim Jong-Il at his word, and all the while ignoring the UN resolution forbidding the NorKs from carrying out such a test.

Who knew that "hope" and "change" were synonymous with "stumbling" and "bumbling."

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