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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kim rattling his saber again

The missile launches didn't seem to get anyone's attention, except a passing note in the media when they weren't carrying wall-to-wall coverage of the Michael Jackson circus. So little Kim has decided to launch a cyber attack on the US and South Korea:

A widespread and unusually resilient computer attack that began July 4 knocked out the Web sites of several government agencies, including some that are responsible for fighting cyber crime, The Associated Press has learned.

The Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department Web sites were all down at varying points over the holiday weekend and into this week, according to officials inside and outside the government. Some of the sites were still experiencing problems Tuesday evening. Cyber attacks on South Korea government and private sites also may be linked, officials there said.

U.S. officials refused to publicly discuss details of the cyber attack. But Amy Kudwa, spokeswoman for the Homeland Security Department, said the agency’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a notice to federal departments and other partner organizations about the problems and “advised them of steps to take to help mitigate against such attacks.”

Kim is testing us, and we're not the only ones. He targeted South Korea, as well, and they believe that the attacks were launched from the North, or from North Korean sympathizers in the South. But Kim is pushing buttons and it's due to the fact he's pressing the boundaries to see if there will be any retaliation. He faced nothing over the missile launches except for a sternly-worded statement from the UN. Barry didn't even utter a peep about those launches. So Kim is naturally a tad ticked. The closest thing to a retaliation that Kim faced was the USS John McCain chasing the North Korean freighter, the Kang Nam, around for a few days until it finally returned to its home port, unable to offload it's suspected cargo of weapons/nuclear materials in Burma.

Kim is doing his level best to show the world, and show the people of his country that North Korea is strong, and will challenge what he perceives as "belligerents" around the world. He made a rare public appearance, and didn't look good. ABC reports that he looked gaunt, had considerably less hair, and was walking with a noticeable limp; the later an after effect of the stroke he was rumored to have had months ago.

The man isn't long for the world, and he won't be able to take the South before he dies. Hell, he won't be able to do much before he dies except act like a pesky fly that just won't take a hint and go away. But he's not going to stop making a nuisance of himself. He wants to make sure he leaves his son with a strong legacy, and with a nation that has shown it will stand up to anyone around the globe. And with the cult of personality they're building around his son it's almost assured he'll be a chip off the old block.

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