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Friday, July 17, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

That's right, folks, the new issue of Common Conservative is up and awaiting your perusal.

The Chief takes Barry to the woodshed over the fear-mongering he's attempting with this health care fiasco.

Larry Simoneaux gives out some more food for thought on a host of issues.

And Marcie and I round out the staff articles by taking a look at Sarah Palin's departure.

Tom Proebsting kicks off the guest columns with a piece on the GOP; he offers them a piece of advice that, likely, they won't listen to. Why? Because it's more sound than anything else they have right now.

Ryan Coates finds reason to hope as the GOP tries to rebuild itself.

John Lillpop puts the microscope over the recent pay-to-play "scandal" at the WaPo.

Dario Predazzi looks at President Bush's associations with Latin America.

Dr. Robert Owens recently took a "workation" and took the pulse of the nation. Needless to say, a lot of people are worried.

And Harold Witkov draws and interesting comparison between Star Trek and living in Barry's America.

As usual, have fun reading, folks!

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