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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Former GOP backstabber now reveals he's "very lonely"

Who is this? Charlie Crist, that's who.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says it is “very lonely” running as an Independent.

Since he quit his party, Crist says he has discovered that people he thought were friends turned out to be only Republican friends who dropped Crist after he left the GOP.

Gee Charlie, it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact you lied, and stabbed the party in the back, would it? After all, you did tell voters you wouldn't run as an Independent and then less than a month later you reneged on that promise.

Crist has lost so many campaign staffers that his sister is now running his third-party effort.

“When you’re not affiliated with a party, it can be very lonely, particularly initially,” Crist told The Hill in an hourlong phone interview.

Still, he insists he has no regrets about his decision, and offered criticism for the GOP activists who took a stand against him after he supported President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package.

“It just became increasingly apparent to me that a segment of the party was drifting so far to the right that it just wasn’t a place where I felt comfortable anymore,” Crist said.

Whoa. Just a second there, pal. You got the endorsement of the NRSC. And as to the stimulus argument, the GOP has been virtually lock-step together in opposing the federal funds being wasted by this administration. Those funds were supposed to have eased this recession, and they haven't. They were supposed to go for the creation of jobs, and they haven't. These funds haven't been spent wisely at all, and most of it is going straight to Barry's cronies who worked to get him elected. What's so extreme, so "far to the right" about opposing federal tax dollars being misspent?

“That level of acrimony and bitterness is what frustrates people today. There is this focus on being loyal to a party over the people, and it’s just wrong,” Crist said.

Crist won’t say which party he will caucus with in the Senate, if he is elected. When asked if he still considers himself a Republican, however, his answer is clearer: “I’m an Independent. I’ve changed my registration.”

That's Crist-speak for "I'll caucus with whichever party kisses my @$$." I'm serious, folks. Charlie Crist cares about one thing in this world -- himself. He proved that by breaking his promise to voters to run as a Republican. He proved it when he refused to give back campaign donations breaking a promise made just sixteen days prior.

Voters in Florida have seen Crist for what he is: a two-faced, backstabbing political hack that will say and do whatever he has to to get elected. Charlie Crist is lonely not because his "loyal" supporters abandoned him. He's lonely because he's burned so many damn bridges in Florida that even his most loyal supporters are fed up with him, his ego, and his antics. When he loses, and make no mistake he will lose, he's going to blame everyone around him. Instead of pointing fingers at others, maybe Charlie should take a look in the mirror. He should also do the voters in Florida a huge favor, and bow out of the race.

Finish out your term as governor Charlie. Shut up, and fade into obscurity. Don't worry. You'll still get noted in history; a footnote, mind you. You'll be remembered not as an also-ran, but as a never-was.

Publius II

ADDENDUM: It's actually a side note, and doesn't really affect Charlie Crist. (Well, unless he had a hand in this, that is.) Jim Greer, Charlie Crist's handpicked Florida GOP chairman, was arrested this morning:

The former chairman of the Florida Republican Party was arrested Wednesday, officials said, though they did not release the charges and there was no immediate word on whether they were linked to a probe of his finances.

Jim Greer, who had been handpicked to lead the state GOP by Gov. Charlie Crist, was arrested at his home near Orlando, Seminole County authorities said. …

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been investigating Greer since an audit found he awarded himself and his executive director a fundraising contract that paid them about $200,000.

The department declined to comment ahead of a news conference scheduled for later Wednesday morning.

Greer owned 60 percent of a corporation set up to raise money for the party and former party executive director Delmar Johnson owned the other 40 percent. That corporation got a 10 percent commission on money it brought in, the audit found.

HT to Captain Ed who notes that both Greer and Johnson are close allies to Charlie Crist. That fact, alone, should have Florida law enforcement taking a closer look at their ties to Crist just in case he might be caught up in this investigation.

Publius II


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