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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get a bugle! Blow "Taps." McCain's DOA ....

As if John McCain needed any more bad news ... ABC News decides to drop a frelling bombshell on his sinking ship:

ABC News' David Chalian reports: ABC New has learned Senator John McCain's '08 presidential campaign will report to the Federal Election Commission on Sunday that it has a little more than $2-million dollars in cash on hand.

The campaign will also report that it is carrying a little more than $1.7-million dollars in debt, according to a Republican familiar with McCain campaign finances.

The high level of debt suggests the mismanagement and wasteful spending of the Arizona senator's campaign has been even worse than initially disclosed by the campaign last week when it announced massive staff layoffs.

Part of the $1.7-million in debt is $750,000 owed to 3eDC -- the Internet consulting firm belonging to new McCain campaign manager Rick Davis -- who apparently has gone unpaid for his work in the 2nd quarter.

Mismanagement? Sitting in debt and unable to pay workers? Jeez-Louise folks, who's running his campaign, a Democrat? Seriously, this doesn't bode well for his campaign at all, and I think it's time he fold up the tents. Some are speculating that he might put the campaign on hiatus, and come back in January after Romney, Rudy, or Fred take the initial primary states, but stepping away fromt he campaign trail isn't going to help him. Even if he does find a way to kiss and makeup with his base, they're not going to help him much because it's not them doing the damage to his campaign. He's doing it all on his own. And no, I don't think his holding the line on the retreat debate going on in the Senate is going to help him much. The base isn't going to buy him. His sell-by date is long-since passed.

Time to bury this corpse before it starts to stink up the primary trail.

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