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Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Column Up!!

It's the 16th and ya'll know what that means. That's right. The new issue of Common Conservative is up and awaiting you patient perusal. (As always, this post will stay at the top of the page for 24 hours, so scroll down for more recent posts.)

The boss starts us off this issue with his take on The Fairness Doctrine, and why it will fail. Of course when it comes to failure, Democrats have a lot of experience with that one now, don't they?

Patrick Shanahan is talking about the apex of civilization as he enjoyed a fine cigar and a quiet night in his own surburban castle. Ah, been there, done that, and it's not only peaceful, it's where I tend to do some of my best in depth thinking.

Larry Simoneaux observes that there is Good, Bad, and Ugly in this world. Believe me when I say that I thought I was a pessimist in life, but by God, Larry runs the gamut here, and as usual it's funnier than watching robert Byrd confess to the Senate that he is growing older.

And Marcie and I touch on whether the "also-rans" on the GOP side have the keys to make it to the White House. (Of course we don't think they have a chance, but it's nice to break it down for people.) This concludes our coverage of the GOP candidates as they stand. We're still debating whether we really want to touch on the Democrats because, hey, we know they're completely unhinged and not living in reality already.

Our guest writers start with J.J. Jackson throwing bombs back at Hillary. Note to the Left, don't throw stones from your glass houses. We're conservatives, ingenious, and we can build a better trebuchet.

Speaking on behalf of Scooter Libby is John Lillpop, and he is so right that Libby deserved better than what he got. Of course, he's also correct in pointing out that he has to register as a Democrat to vote now, still being a "convicted felon." Damn, where's the North Carolina Bar when we need them most?

Bob Parks notes the misogyny of our enemy in trying to disrupt a ladies' night in Britain, and likely would have succeeded in blowing up a good many nice-looking young ladies. Bill Clinton would have wept.

Nancy Salvato goes deep with some thoughts regarding a citizen's role in this nation, and points out we can't be a legitimate, intelligent populace if we're spoon fed the pap created by politicos and media elites.

Christopher Adamo talks about the 2008 elections, how the media is failing to define it, and hoow the GOP is still outfoxing the Democrats at almost every turn. (Well, not including fundraising, but we won't beat on John McCain any longer.)

And J.B. Williams finishes up this issue with a reflection on the conservative that the media and Democrats love to hate (and likely due to the fact they wished they had a wife that was that damn goood) which is Fred!

Please, feel free to read them and us. Enjoy the conservative minds this issue. And remember to tip your waitresses well, otherwise they'll turn Democrat.

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