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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hsu skips bail hearing, still has passport; believed to be on the run

You just got to love this sort of news, and the kishkas on this guy alone is amusing. He is one of Hillary's "Hillraisers", and may have a connection to Bernard Schwartz -- the guy who was allowed to "trade" missile secrets with china after major contributions to Clinton's reelection campaign in 1996. He's currently under investigation by the FEC for
"irregularities" in campaign contributions. Turns out the guy fled a felony fraud conviction in California, and had been hanging out in New York. He surrenders to authorities in California, and has a two million dollar bond slapped on him, and now he's skipped the bail hearing this morning. And yes, Virginia, this turkey's still got his passport:

California businessman Norman Hsu, a former New York apparel executive and major contributor to Democratic candidates and causes, failed to appear for a bail reduction hearing Wednesday, leading to speculation that he again is a fugitive from the law, FOX News has learned.

Hsu's attorneys say they do not know his whereabouts, and that their client did not surrender his passport.

Hsu turned himself in to authorities last week after more than 15 years on the run from a felony conviction of grand theft. He admitted to defrauding investors of $1 million in a bogus investment scam.

He failed to appear in court for sentencing on that 1991 conviction, a revelation that prompted high profile Democrats -- including presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton -- to return thousands of dollars donated by Hsu.

OK, the dipsh*t award of the week goes to the judge that allowed him to keep his passport. He shouldn't have been allowed to leave the jail until that passport was in the judge's hands. And now, an arrest warrant has been issued:

Hsu, whose criminal past has roiled the campaigns of top presidential candidates, was scheduled to ask a judge to cut in half the $2 million bail he posted last week when he turned himself in after spending 15 years on the lam from a felony theft conviction.

Instead, San Mateo Superior Court Judge Robert Foiles ordered Hsu's bail forfeited to the county and issued a new arrest warrant. If Hsu is arrested again, he will be jailed without bail this time.

Hsu, a Hong Kong native, was also supposed to turn over his passport Wednesday. Hsu's prominent Silicon Valley criminal defense attorney Jim Brosnahan said Hsu failed to give the passport to the legal team on Monday.

"Mr. Hsu is not here and we do not know where Mr. Hsu is," Brosnahan said outside court. Brosnahan said that "there was some contact" with Hsu a few hours before the scheduled 9 a.m. court appearance, but he declined to say how and who talked to Hsu.

I'm guessing authorities are looking in Hong Kong for him, or will be waiting in Hong Kong to see if he pops up. Given that he fled California the first time, it became a federal matter. If he's fled the state again, the FBI will get involved, and this time he's coming back, but they're going to confiscate that passport to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Over at Hot Air Allah caught this snippet from a New York Times story today:

Mr. Brosnahan told reporters outside the courthouse in Redwood City that he had sent an assistant to Mr. Hsu’s apartment in New York on Tuesday to retrieve Mr. Hsu’s passport, but it could not be found. Asked whether Mr. Hsu could have left the country, Mr. Brosnahan replied: “I would imagine he has the capability,” although he added that he had no reason to believe that Mr. Hsu had done so.

Really? Dan Riehl takes note of the fact that authorities believed that's where he fled to first when his troubles started back in 1991, so it makes sense now that he might try to do that to avoid more jail time.

The Thing that is so rich about this story is that Hillary is in the crosshairs of it. She took the money (granted she said she's giving it to charity; same as Obama), but she's had enough speculation of dirty deals in this election, and when one drops in our laps, it's tough for her to avoid any scrutiny. I figured as soon as the guy turned himself in, this story was done.

Shame on me for being so short-sighted with a story I didn't think was all that important. I mean, come on, this is Hillary we're talking about here. The MSM has gone out of it's way to throw softballs at her, and they refuse to ask any sort of probing question. Did we really think they were going to start making tougher inquiries now? Puh-leeze. This is the person they're pulling for in the upcoming election. Even if this were a bombshell scandal, the MSM would treat her with kid gloves.

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