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Monday, January 7, 2008

Early returns in NH

New Hampshire stayed up late to deliver the first ballots in the state's hotly-contested primary. Thus far, our prediction isn't holding out. Don't use us to pick the winners in politics, folks:

12:11am Eastern. Here ya go…for what it’s worth…McCain and Obama win
Dixville Notch.

Dixville Notch votes:


Giuliani - 1
Romney - 2
McCain - 4


Richardson - 1
Edwards - 2
Obama - 7
Hillary got iced out. Get her a
Kleenex, stat!

12:40am Eastern. Here are the results from Hart’s location.


Romney - 1
Paul - 1
Huckabee - 5
McCain - 6


Edwards -1
Clinton - 3
Obama - 9

In Dixville, the party breakdown was: three registered Republicans, one Democrat and 12 undeclareds. In Hart’s Location, there were eight Democrats, eight Republicans and 13 undeclareds.

I know this is way early to be making declarations about our fallibility, but it never hurts to eat a little crow before the voting is done. After all, our predictions our right here for New Hampshire, so it's not like we can hide from what we said. Much thanks to Michelle Malkin for staying awake long enough to tally the early returns. (Hey, it ain't easy to stay awake no matter who you are, and I'm operating under and hour's
"nap" right now.)

It does look like McCain's plan panned out, thus far. But he has s long way's to go before popping the bubbly tomorrow night, and our prognostications are holding. We still maintain our opinion that the undecideds will break for Obama. We'll see what happens throughout today, and what really breaks down tonight.

Stay tuned ...

Publius II


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