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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chris Muir needs our help

Don't know who he is? Look at the top of the screen. See that cartoon up there? That's Day by Day, and Chris created it, and has maintained it since 1 November 2002. Hundreds of blogs across the 'Net carry this comic, and that's how we actually found it. We've read every strip since it started, and it is a hilarious read. But, as I said, Chris now needs our help:

I am asking readers of DaybyDay to contribute $10 or more for the 2008 DaybyDay Fundraiser. This amount is based on a 'guesstimate' of how many serious readers DBD has. Perhaps this will result in a Fundraiser that is held every 2 years, instead of every year. Perhaps it will keep DBD going for just a month.

What I do know are that funds are needed to continue the strip, well, day by day.

This Fundraiser will end January 30, 2008.

I know this is very much a vote from readers on DBD. Contrary to rumor, I'm not rich, and I need the help of every reader. If you have donated in the past, ask someone you know who reads DBD to contribute. What will really determine things is meeting the minimum cost of running DBD for one year.

If you find DBD speaks to you on the issues you find important, I urge you to step up. this kind of grassroots participation is what defines New Media, and frankly, it will only be the small donations of the many that will matter.

If you like Day by Day as we do, then please contribute. We did today. It wasn't much, but every little bit helps.

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