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Friday, January 4, 2008

This Is Interesting, But Why Are They Helping Him?

It has come to our attention (via Mark Levin @ NRO's The Corner and Generalissimo Duane Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt show) that both Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris are helping out Governor Huckabee.

We can understand Dick Morris's involvement given the fact he did work for Bill Clinton's administration. He is obviously a moderate Democrat (self-described 9/11 Democrat, mind you) and can identify with Governor Huckabee's stance on many social issues. The part that leaves us scratching our heads is that he is a 9/11 Democrat. He was not kind to President Clinton's supposed stance on terrorism. If anyone has watched the movie Fahrenhype 9/11 then you know that he has nothing but malice regarding the Clinton administration's prosecution of terrorism against the United States. It was not there, as President Clinton claims, and Mr. Morris backs up with facts. (You can read a write up of the movie here @ National Review from Bryan Preston.) Given Governor Huckabee's naivete on foreign affairs, it makes little sense that he is helping Governor Huckabee.

As for former Speaker Gingrich, this makes as much sense as his praise of John Kerry's global warming book during their debate on Capitol Hill. While the man was a staunch conservative during his tenure as Speaker, it has become more and more apparent that he is not as he portrays himself. In fact, he looks more and more like those in the Senate we have problems with. (Among those people would be Senators Specter, Collins, Snowe, McCain, etc.)

If it is true that Newt Gingrich is helping Governor Huckabee, this marks a significant change in his political ideology. We warned people when they were hyping Mr. Gingrich for a run at the presidency that they could not trust him. We were admonished and shunned by a few of our close conservative friends. We now see that we were more than justified in our suspicion of the former Speaker.

This also marks a change in strategy in the Huckabee camp. They know they need bigger guns to stay in the game. Given Ed Rollins' mouth that was overheard in Iowa by Amanda Carpenter he may be more of an albatross than the Huckabee camp first believed.

all we know is that if Speaker Gingrich is true to her supposed conservative ideology, this move makes little, if any, sense.



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