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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Revising history as only the Huckster can

The Huckster was on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace (who will be hosting FOX's GOP debate tonight), and when he was confronted by Wallace of what he said of the surge in the beginning, the Huckster just spun, spun, spun:

WALLACE: In last night’s debate, you said that you supported President Bush’s troop surge when he announced it in January of last year. But let’s take a look at what you actually did say in January, and this is when Mitt Romney had already said that he approved the surge.

You said, “Well, I’m not sure that I support the troop surge, if that surge has to come from our Guard and Reserve troops, which have already been overly stretched.”

Governor, you were not the supporter of the troop surge that you represented yourself as last night.

HUCKABEE: Well, I supported the surge. I questioned the use of our Guard and Reserve in repeated deployments because as a governor, I’d seen what that had done to our own Guard troop.

About 90 percent of our Guard have been deployed now to Iraq, and some repeated deployments, long periods of time, three out of five years. These are citizen soldiers. These are people who certainly are willing to go. I’ve never heard any of them complain.

But it’s a real incredible, I think, challenge for not only the soldier but, more importantly, for their families, their employers and their communities.

And what we’ve done with Guard and Reserve forces has got to be changed. It’s one of the things that I would do as a president.

And my point was and remains that if we’re going to have the kind of war we’re going to have, we’ve got to have more troops at the beginning.

WALLACE: Governor, I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. I’m simply saying that you misrepresented yourself last night when you said you approved the troop surge. In fact, days later you said you weren’t sure you supported the troop surge.

The fact is the Guard and the Reserve have been part of the troop surge.

HUCKABEE: They have been a part of it. And my point was and remains that we need regular Army. We’ve got to beef it up. The surge is working.

I think one of the things we’ve seen is it’s been a dramatic success, and hats off to General Petraeus, and I’m grateful that he’s been in that position.

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin this is exactly what the Huckster said about the surge on MSNBC:

MSNBC’s NORAH O’DONNELL: “We have a Rudy Giuliani, who supports the president’s plan on Iraq. We have Governor Mitt Romney, who also supports a troop surge. How are you different from any of those candidates.”

HUCKABEE: “Well, I’m not sure that I support the troop surge, if that surge has to come from our Guard and Reserve troops, which have really been overly stretched.”

Governor, pay close attention because I'm only going to say this once ....

Under Article II, Section 2 of the US Constitution the president is "commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States;"

That means that your Guard and Reserve units are at HIS disposal, not yours. If he needs them, they go, and you don't get a say. That is, unless the 10,000 that are available to the state for emergency purposes are already being used. Case in point, a natural disaster. At the time the surge was initiated, not such natural disaster existed. Furthermore, plenty of Guard and Reserve units remained in the US, or rotated home.

You didn't support the surge at all. Liar, liar, pants on fire, you disingenuous pr*ck. You didn't want the surge to go forward. You didn't support the president on his new strategy. Only now, after it's been proven to have worked, much to the dismay of detractors like yourself, do you flip-flop, and claim you were all for it. Snivel away as your words and your opinion are used against you, but it's not going to work on the American public. Last night you lied and you got caught in it. Today you spin to get your bacon out of the fire. It ain't working.

Publius II


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