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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Man the lifeboats; McCain 32%, Rombney 31%

Oh Johnny, you should have bailed when you had the chance. The newest Rasmussen numbers don't look good for "Mr. Amnesty":

John McCain is facing an unusual two-front challenge as he seeks to hang on to a narrow lead in New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential Primary. He is competing with Mitt Romney for votes in the Republican Primary. At the same time, he is competing with Barack Obama for Independent voters who can choose to vote in either the Republican or the Democratic Primary on Tuesday.

At the moment, he is losing ground to Obama which is causing him problems with Romney. On Friday, the Rasmussen Reports survey found that Independent voters were likely to make up 32% of the Republican Primary electorate. That dropped to 27% of Sunday. As a result, McCain’s lead over Romney has dipped to a statistically insignificant one-point advantage.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows John McCain earning 32% of the vote while Mitt Romney attracts 31%.

The survey was conducted on Saturday and Sunday. All interviews were conducted before Sunday night’s debate. Romney leads by five percentage points among Republicans while McCain leads by thirteen among Independents likely to take part.

The current poll shows Mike Huckabee with 11% of the vote, Rudy Giuliani close behind at 10%, and Ron Paul at 8%. Fred Thompson earns 3%, some other candidate attracts 2%, and 4% are not sure.

The race remains too close to call partly because of questions about how many Independents will participate, but also because a significant percentage of voters could change their mind. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Romney supporters are “certain” they will vote for him along with 70% of McCain’s supporters. However, just 8% of Romney voters and 7% of McCain fans say there is a “good chance” they will change their mind.

We predicted this over the weekend. As Hugh Hewitt observed last week, the Independent voters are the focus of the McCain campaign in New Hampshire. But we pointed out that given Hillary's resounding loss in Iowa, New Hampshire Independents may opt out of their support for McCain, and throw it behind Obama in a gambit to hand Hillary another loss. She isn't liked, folks which likely prompted this blubberfest that The Anchoress accurately predicted last week. (Credit where credit is due, folks.)

His debate performance on Saturday showed the "Mr. Hyde" side of John McCain that we hadn't seen since he exploded on John Conyers during the Shamnesty debates. Granted, he wasn't dropping expletives like in the aforementioned incident, but people could clearly see the mean streak come out in him. He showed New Hampshire voters that he lacks the temperament to be the commander in chief. That performance did more for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama than it did his campaign. At this stage of the game, if he does lose, he did it to himself. No one helped him down the path of defeat.

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