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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bill Clinton blows his stack with Superdelegates

Marcie and Sabrina are snickering behind me, reminding me that "Bill Clinton" and "blows" are dangerous in the same sentence. Ha, ha. Very funny ladies.

But to the superdelegates he was speaking to, they say he was clearly ticked over a number of things, most notably the betrayal of Bill Richardson:

The Bill Clinton who met privately with California's superdelegates at last weekend's state convention was a far cry from the congenial former president who afterward publicly urged fellow Democrats to "chill out" over the race between his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barack Obama.

In fact, before his speech Clinton had one of his famous meltdowns Sunday, blasting away at former presidential contender Bill Richardson for having endorsed Obama, the media and the entire nomination process.

"It was one of the worst political meetings I have ever attended," one superdelegate said.

According to those at the meeting, Clinton - who flew in from Chicago with bags under his eyes - was classic old Bill at first, charming and making small talk with the 15 or so delegates who gathered in a room behind the convention stage.

But as the group moved together for the perfunctory photo, Rachel Binah, a former Richardson delegate who now supports Hillary Clinton, told Bill how "sorry" she was to have heard former Clinton campaign manager James Carville call Richardson a "Judas" for backing Obama.

It was as if someone pulled the pin from a grenade.

"Five times to my face (Richardson) said that he would never do that," a red-faced, finger-pointing Clinton erupted.

The former president then went on a tirade that ran from the media's unfair treatment of Hillary to questions about the fairness of the votes in state caucuses that voted for Obama. It ended with him asking delegates to imagine what the reaction would be if Obama was trailing by just 1 percent and people were telling him to drop out.

"It was very, very intense," said one attendee. "Not at all like the Bill of earlier campaigns."

When he finally wound down, Bill was asked what message he wanted the delegates to take away from the meeting.

At that point, a much calmer Clinton outlined his message of party unity.

"It was kind of strange later when he took the stage and told everyone to 'chill out,' " one delegate told us.

"We couldn't help but think he was also talking to himself."

When delegate Binah - still stunned from her encounter with Clinton - got home to Little River (Mendocino County) later in the day - there was a phone message waiting for her from State Party Chairman Art Torres, telling her the former president wanted him to apologize to her on his behalf for what happened.

Still, word of Clinton's blast shot all the way back to the New Mexico state Capitol, where Richardson spokesman Pahl Shipley reiterated Tuesday that his boss had never "promised or guaranteed" Bill and Hillary his endorsement.

It's obvious that the crack-up isn't just in the Democrat party, but it appears to also be infecting the Clinton campaign. We know she's not going anywhere, and we're pretty sure she's not going to get the nomination unless she steals it. As for his idiotic idea that the media is being "unfair" to her, that's rubbish.

In the 1990s, the media simply drooled over these two. He was the "savior" of the party after 12 years of Reagan/Bush. She was a solid, upstanding First Lady that could do no wrong. Now that they've been out of the White House for eight years, and they want back in, the media is leveling quite a bit of scrutiny on her. Granted, it seems that some in the media -- Matthews and Olbermann are two shining examples -- are in the bag for Obama. But the alternative media are shoving the stories about Obama to the forefront. They couldn't ignore the Jeremiah Wright controversy. They can't spin his paltry, amateurish record as a politician.

But Hillary is getting a second look by the media due to her self-inflicted wounds. She can't seem to be truthful about her record, and she consistently distorts it. She wants everyone to believe she's the right choice. We can't fault Bill for standing by his woman the way she stood by her man, but a little reality is necessary in this election.

The reality is not only is she not ready for primetime, but thanks to her lies and deception, she simply can't be trusted.

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