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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hopeless rube shows she's still a useful idiot

Like this means anything, but it's the amusement factor. Newsbusters has the transcript of the "Today Show" piece with Rosie O'Dozen Krispy Kremes. She seems to think she can defend Jeremiah Wright, and the comments he made. (Bear in mind, she has the absolute moral authority here, being a useful idiot herself.)

HODA KOTB, co-host: You know Rosie there has been a void on morning TV since we don't hear your opinions. Every times there's like, I was going through a story today "I wonder what Rosie thinks about that." What about- can I ask you about just the little Jeremiah Wright thing?


KOTB: This is a big deal. What have you been thinking when you've been watching this stuff in the headlines?

O'DONNELL: Well, did you see Bill Moyers recently give his speech about what happened after Reverend Wright was on his show?

KOTB: Tell, tell me.

O'DONNELL: He got thousands of e-mails, over like 5,000 e-mails and some of them irate, some of them understanding. But what it came to, boil down to in his mind is the fact that, you know, this man is, is following a tradition of black preachers and that there is a righteous indignation about people who were only considering three-fourths a person until fairly recently in our history. And that his anger, which annoys some and forces some to look at issues that America is not really ready to face, is the actual issue. That racism does exist in this country and it's still thriving. And some of the things that Jeremiah Wright says he's held accountable for and Oprah- not Oprah- Obama is held accountable for. But there are things that white preachers said that are just as insane.

[Stop. Rosie O'Doughnuts here shows us our first taste of her immense intelligence. It was THREE-FIFTHS you moron! And "until fairly recently"? I didn't know 1862 was just a couple of short years ago. She might remember that year. It's the year the slaves were freed by ((GASP)) a Republican president named Abraham Lincoln. And she might also recall it was ((GASP)) Republicans who pushed for the Civil Rights Act while Democrats, like the venerable Bobby Byrd was trying to kill it!]

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, co-host: All of them should be held accountable.

O'DONNELL: Pat Robertson saying that, you know, gays and feminists were responsible for the 9-11 catastrophe.

GIFFORD: So you agree that they should all be held accountable, but do you think that we should make-


GIFFORD: A little bit of move.

O'DONNELL: Here's what I think. There is a place in the world, an inspirational, liberational kind of preaching that Reverend Wright does that when you read something that sort of- I was not as offended as the people in the polls that I read. I listen to him, and frankly, it made sense to me. I totally understood what he was saying.

GIFFORD: Which part makes sense to you?

O'DONNELL: It made sense that-

GIFFORD: That we introduced AIDS into the black community?

O'DONNELL: But Kathy you know what it's like for someone to pull one quote out of context for you. He was comparing it to when the government did give syphilis to black Americans for 40 years. What he was saying is in his history, in his genetic memory, he knows what it's like for the government to infect his own people. Because he lived through those Tuskagee experiments. And that's what he was talking about. You can't sort of pull the quote. He didn't just say, you know, "the government made AIDS." It's the same when I said, you know, you can support the men and not the man who sent it there. You can support every single Marine and Army man and Navy man in this war-

[Stop again for the Rosie O'Doughnuts intelligence watch ... Hey genius, the US government DIDN'T give syphilis to those pilots. Those pilots already HAD syphilis. They were treating them, and watching how the medication worked on them. But when funding was pulled, they ended treatment and simply observed them. The original 399 people involved already had the disease. Jeremiah Wright and Rosie O'Doughnuts must have missed that glaring FACT when they profess that we gave the disease to those black men.]

GIFFORD: And women and women.

O'DONNELL: -and women- and not support the war. And not support the mission.

[Stop. If you don't support the mission, or at least understand why we're there, then you're not supporting the troops. Simply put, if you support an end to the mission, then you're calling for the troops to be pulled out BEFORE their mission is done. They WANT to finish the mission. Maybe this hasn't sunk through that brick she calls a head yet but if we pull out now, we will watch Iraq fall into chaos. Does she want to see our troops reinserted where more of them will die? More than likely, the answer is yes because we doubt that she really does support the troops.]

HODA KOTB, co-host: Do you think the Jeremiah Wright thing is going to have a big impact on, on, well tomorrow basically, Indiana and North Carolina? Do you think that's going to have an impact?

O'DONNELL: I think it will because I think there are, you know, five companies that own all of the media in America and once they get a story they run it, and run it, and run it. CNN had a field day. For three weeks all I heard was Jeremiah Wright and, and, you know, the horrible Miley Cyrus photos.

[STOP! WTF? Miley Cyrus? Who cares about Miley Cyrus? She doesn't have a relationship with a presidential candidate that could very well cost him primary state wins. This is more evidence that poor Rosie O'Doughnuts has no intelligence left whatsoever; confirmed -- the wheel is spinning but the hamster is clearly dead.]

KOTB: Well, there's a quote, and I don't have the exact one, they kind of gave me a little sketchy one. It says Barbara [Walters] says, "Rosie tells me she loves me. She tells me I'm old and then she tells me she loves me. She's a great talent with emotional issues."

O'DONNELL: [laughing]

KOTB: And-

O'DONNELL: You know, just-

KOTB: You've done a lot for the show.

O'DONNELL: Well, just like Reverend Wright, some people confuse passion for rage. You know, if you have passion and you're from this family in Long Island without a mom, with five kids having to make their way through live, you know, I have a lot of passion about things I believe in. You know, passion on that show is not number one. And when somebody would say something that I found insane, I would say, "that's insane!"

I know this is just another celebrity who thinks she knows everything, but it's clear that she shouldn't be given a microphone. Not only is that voice bad enough that I'd have to seriously consider drinking a few shots of some fine brown liquor just to keep from killing myself, but she doesn't have the first clue about FACTS. You know, those things that drive the Left nuts when they're thrown at them?

The "Today Show" is obviously dying faster than the 'Strib is if they have to have moonbat losers on their show like Rosie O'Doughnuts.

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