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Monday, May 5, 2008

Primary Night -- Indiana and North Carolina

These two are over. Obama has taken North Carolina, and Hillary has taken Indiana. (With all due respect, unless he gets a serious surge in Indiana, he's done there. She leads by 12 points right now.)

What does this mean? Well, for one thing, this race is hardly over. Jim Geraghty at NRO's Campaign Spot has an interesting theory about how the media is going to start to push Hillary out of the race. Why? Because they think she's too contentious in the race, and too polarizing. Those are amusing opinions given that they support a man who calls Americans "bitter," and has a wife who insults Middle America. Hillary, on the other hand, has a perfect hand to play for superdelegates, and one in which we could envision this scenario playing out come August.

First of all, Hillary's not going anywhere, and despite Howling Mad Howie's call for superdelegates to make up their mind, his ploy doesn't hold any water. The superdelegates can change their minds at anytime prior to putting their final votes down. But if she can sow enough doubt in their minds, she could split the superdelegates to where a nominee doesn't come through on the first ballot. This action will release ALL of the delegates -- Supers and Pledged -- from their initial votes. It would clear the way for them to either A) Nominate a consensus candidate, or B) Nominate Hillary.

A point of worry for the Democrats are the demographics of Obama's wins. They're predominantly black and youth votes. For the record, blacks have supported Democrat candidates in the ninety percentiles for decades. That's a no brainer. They'll vote Democrat regardless. The youth vote is another fallacy; they're non-existent in the general election. For the Democrat leaders to pin their hopes on a man that has little chance of winning the presidency is a fool's errand. And yeas, we'll admit that while we believe this nation has broken the vast majority of ties to a racist past, there are still those out there that can't bring themselves to vote fora black man. I'm sorry. It's a sad fact of life.

However, that is hardly the vast majority of those who won't vote for Obama. Case in point, I'll cite our thinking on him:

1) His ties to William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. We won't support a terrorist apologist.

2) His ties to Tony Rezko. Corruption tends to spread quickly through the ties you know. And given that closing arguments begin on Monday, Tony might just drop a name or two to get less time. It's already happening over Ali Ata and Rod Blagojevich. Does anyone think he wouldn't mind tossing Obama under the bus?

3) His insane ideas regarding taxation. Democrats love to raise taxes because they don't trust us with our hard-earned money.

4) The war. He said this past Sunday that he'd give our mission 16 more months when he takes office, and then the troops start coming home. That's suicidal in the face of this enemy.

5) His stance on judges. The Democrats in the Senate have done their best to stymie any further judges from getting through, creating another vacancy vacuum for the next president. They would love nothing more than to see an Obama presidency where they can stack the courts with more activist jurists.

6) His ideas about foreign relations. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not our friend. Neither is Kim Jong-Il or Bashar Assad, but Obama would sit down and talk to them without any preconditions. Anyone else just get a shiver up their spine?

Hillary is going to ride this one home. She's going to do her best Slim Pickens imitation, and try to make the convention go nuclear. We don't see pleasant things coming out of the Democrat convention in August, nor do we see a smooth ride through the general regardless of which stooge is nominated. Hillary's baggage hasn't even been unpacked yet, and Obama -- with his willing zombies in the MSM -- will try to gloss over his baggage. But int he end, the Democrats are looking at a class-A disaster, and they seem too blind to avoid the iceberg.

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