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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Will Block What Makes The Problem Worse

That is the word from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell according to Captain Ed @ Hot Air. He has the video of Senator McConnell's appearance on Neil Cavuto's show. What have the Democrats proposed? Aside from the "windfall profits tax" they have also offered some sort of emissions rationing system. These will not help the current problem.

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama claim that we cannot drill our way out of this. They are only half-right. We need new refineries so we are not sending our oil elsewhere (as we do with the bulk of our oil in Alaska being sent to Japan for refinement). Drilling now, despite critics claims to the contrary, will have an immediate impact on the oil speculators which is part of the reason why the price for a barrel of oil continues to go up.

This is not a Right or Left issue. This is a national issue with serious implications if it is not dealt with now. Oil prices will continue to soar, as will gas prices. Here in Arizona, where we live in the suburbs of Phoenix, we have seen gas spike to levels we never thought we would see. Worse, gas stations are raising the prices almost daily as news comes through that oil has hit another record high. And until recently, both sides of the aisle have turned a deaf ear to the American populace. Now the Republicans are trying to get serious, and are pushing for drilling. Democrats, thus far, have refused this. Hugh Hewitt has dubbed them the "Don't Frill Democrats" because of their refusal to budge on lifting the moratorium on drill in the outer continental shelf. Today, the president called for a lifting of the ban on drilling offshore, and up in ANWR; both would greatly help the economy, and the consumer.

The Democrats do not want this. They want us in the dark, hot, and riding bicycles rather than driving our cars. It is because they are catering to the enviro-nuts and their disproved global warming shtick. We are the cleanest nation on the planet, so we fail to see their logic in blocking the path to energy independence. If we begin drilling, we will start to see oil prices fall -- and the price of gasoline -- and we will be on the path towards cutting ties to foreign oil providers. We need to build new refineries, and expand others. We also need to end the ethanol-based fuels because it is affecting our food costs just as much as the price of gasoline is.

This is an issue in the upcoming election, and we have two different sides of this coin. Senator Obama does not believe we can drill our way out of this problem. Senator McCain believes we can. The public supports Senator McCain, and they think that Senator Obama knows nothing of what he speaks about on this issue.

We praise Senator McConnell and Republicans in the senate for standing firm against the Democrats attempts to put a band-aid on a head wound. And that band-aid, as we have seen, is a cheap one; so cheap that it will not stick. This is now an issue that can seriously hurt the do-nothing Democrats, and it should be hammered home to the American public each and every day until the Congress gives in and lets us tap our vast reserves.



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