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Monday, June 16, 2008

New Issue Up!

It is the 16th of the month (actually, it is the 15th; the boss published early), and you know that means that there is a new issue of Common Conservative up.

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Mr. Lindaman begins with a piece discussing why political families are not a good idea. Given the Kennedy clan, and how long Senator Kennedy has been in office, and his recent statement that he would like to see his wife take over his Senate seat at the time of his demise, we could not agree more with Mr. Lindaman.

Mr. Simoneaux offers his opinion on four things we can do without right now and two of the four things concern the election. (Yes, Larry, we agree that we could do without more Bill Clinton.)

Mr. Shanahan is still on hiatus, but feel free to read through his archives.

Thomas and I answer the question that has been plaguing conservatives since this election started. "What will happen to the GOP?" Succinctly put, we will do as Winston Churchill once opined when asked what Britain would do if Big Ben were ever destroyed. "We will rebuild it."

Mr. Lindaman pens a memorial of Tim Russert to start off the guest articles this issue. This proves, once again, that we can have respect for the other side; a facet of conservatism that the Left will never embrace.

Doug Patton remembers the soldier named Ross McGinnis, who gave his life to save his comrades in Iraq and who was recently awarded a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his sacrifice.

John Lillpop examines the possibility of John McCain taking Hillary Clinton as his running mate. (Yes, readers now have permission to retch over this scenario.)

J.J. Jackson discusses the war on Liberty that liberals have been conducting for decades which has had more success than the recent Democrats have had in running for president.

Mel Ayton reveals just how deep the conspiracy-minded individuals are in the world and he also points out that far too many of them believe that the right-wing is behind almost all of them. And no, he is not joking. These people are clearly nuts.

Timothy Birdnow wraps up the guest articles with a piece on the environmentalists, and their newest tricks aimed at children and guilt-ridden adults that just buy into the meme that they are to blame for global warming. This is what happens when you let the amateurs prey on the gullible.

By all means, enjoy the pieces provided. Each author has worked hard for you, the reader, and if it were not for you, we would not have a job. So thank you, and enjoy reading.



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