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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A bit of housekeeping on the starboard side

I had really hoped that it wouldn't come down to this. I had hoped that our side had more brains than what, sadly, seems to be the case. A lot of this hullabaloo that has me irked revolves around a lawsuit filed by a former Hillary supporter named Phil Berg which claims Obama isn't eligible to run for the presidency. It stems from two things: A) the supposition that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, and B) a photo dug up of hi school registry in Indonesia. (Berg includes a number of questions, but these seem to be the two "hot topic" points that has our side constantly stuck on stupid.)

I like the friends I have online, and I like those I have in the real world. But they seem to think that they can beat Obama with boogey-man stories of him being a closet Muslim, or with rumor and innuendo about where he was born. FactCheck has debunked the "Obama's birth certificate is a forgery" meme but that doesn't seem to stop anyone from continuing to drone on about something that is patently false.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after Hawaii was admitted to the Union. He was not born in Kenya, nor does he have citizenship in Kenya. By Kenyan law, you can't have dual-citizenship. As Obama never renounced his American citizenship, he can't have Kenyan citizenship. He is a natural born US citizen.

He isn't a Muslim, either. He was not sworn in on a Koran (that was Keith Ellison, and that was a symbolic swearing-in; he was sworn in as all other members of Congress are). Barack Obama is a Christian, just not the sort of Christian many would identify with. A lot of that comes from 20 years of black liberation theology preached by Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger.

Neither one of the two above points are going to win us this election. If anything, those we are trying to persuade to our side, if they hear these rants, they'll be driven away. I know that both conservatives and liberals have their extreme, fringe, fever-swamp, but it's high time we knock off the swamp talk and start focusing on what matters to defeat Barack Obama.

Obama believes in raising our taxes. He has voted in favor of higher taxes 94 times. You can bet he'll do it as president because he has plans for this nation, and they're not going to come cheap. He fully intends to allow the tax cuts President Bush has in place sunset, which will move our taxes back to the range they were when he first took office, including capital gains at such an exorbitant level that it will likely kill the investor class in this country at a time when the stock market needs a serious shot in the arm.

In his own words we see that if he's left on his own regarding foreign policy, he will create an atmosphere much like this nation was going through in the 1990s regarding diplomacy and national security. He would meet with and talk to thugs and tyrants like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Raul Castro, Kim Jong-Il, etc. If this nation, or any of our interests abroad are attacked, he would treat such attacks as a law enforcement issue rather than a national security issue. In short, the man would lead like Bill Clinton did, and we saw what feckless behavior gave us.

Barack Obama praises the likes of Justice Ginsburg and Justice Stevens, and he despises Justice Thomas and Justice Scalia. He voted against Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts. This alone shows where his judicial philosophy lies, and it is not within the confines of the Constitution. There are a number of issues that go hand in hand here. Not only is there abortion, but gun control, capital punishment, eminent domain, and religious liberty are also at issue as we have never seen before. If he wins, and he serves two terms, the man has the ability to greatly alter the high court with the possibility of SIX Supreme Court appointments. Do you want to see six more Ginsburgs up there, all of them believing in a "living, breathing" Constitution? We don't.

Some will shrug an say "Yeah, but none of these things matter. What matters is his past, and his birth certificate." Congratulations, you've fallen for the red herring. That's what the Left was hoping so they could play the "racism" card, and the "intolerance" card. I'm telling you, these two subjects need to be dropped now. They're not only irrelevant, but they're false. By continuing to push these phony memes you're not helping to defeat him. Your garnering sympathy for him.

If we stick to the issues, we can beat him. If we point out his positions, we can beat him. If we continue to show his radical ties to individuals like Wright, Pfleger, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, we can beat him. If we show just how inexperienced this man is, we can beat him. If we remind people how liberal his voting record is, we can beat him.

For the love of God, folks, we need to drop the unfounded and debunked character attacks on him. It's not helping our side present the argument that Barack Obama is not the right man for the job. It's got nothing to do with rumor an innuendo. It has everything to do with his record, and how radical it is; how contrary he is to what this nation believes in. Remember, this is the man who said "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it." The change he wants to bring to this nation will do severe damage to it. That is what our argument should be, backed up by facts, and hammered home until Election Day. If we do this we can beat him, and ensure the presidency for John McCain.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083, in Federal Court

What is going on here! Is it true that Obama was born in Kenya Africa. Is it true that there are no records of his mother giving birth to him at any hospital in Hawaii.

Is it true that his Grandmother, and half-sister have said he was in fact born in Kenya.

Is it true that Republicans have records to prove Obama was born in Kenya.

And is it true that he was registered as a citizen of Indonesia as a Muslim.

Is there any truth to any of this. Where is the major media on this story. Have they investigated this. Has any of the above been proved untrue.

If any of the above is true this is very serious.

What's up!

August 27, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

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