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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tim Pawlenty For Veep? Perhaps So ...

John Hinderacker @ PowerLine is speculating that Tim Pawlenty will be John McCain's veep choice:

Based on information about the schedule for speakers at the Republican convention, I believe that McCain's choice for Vice-President has come down to Tim Pawlenty or Tom Ridge. Or possibly Charlie Crist, but I'm pretty sure he's out of the picture.

If my inference is right--and it's only an inference--I'm pretty sure Pawlenty will be the choice. Things are going well for McCain right now and he should be optimistic about his prospects in November. If he chooses Ridge, it will cause a huge uproar within the Republican base that will derail, at least temporarily, his surge. Pawlenty, conversely, is a safe choice, and in my opinion a far better one. Given the current economic climate and the unfair attacks on that issue that Obama is launching against McCain, who better than the blue-collar, "Sam's Club" Tim Pawlenty as a running mate?

Beyond that, Tim has superb political skills. When the country sees him, it will like him.

I believe we'll see Pawlenty accept the Veep nomination on September 3.

Governor Pawlenty has been on our short list for some time now, and both Thomas and I speculated about this when he became the first governor to endorse John McCain's candidacy. Mr. Hinderacker is correct in his breakdown of Governor Pawlenty. He is a solid conservative that the base can get behind. He brings youth to the ticket, and he can help deliver Minnesota in November. He could also help bring Michigan along, as well as Ohio and possibly Pennsylvania given their proximity to Minnesota.

Of course that last bit is merely speculation. But we can assure readers that if he does choose Governor Pawlenty, we will have a ticket that can, conceivably crush the Obama ticket.



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