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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New info on Bill Ayers

HT to Hugh Hewitt

Bill Ayers is the unrepentant terrorist that was with the Weather Underground in the seventies that has been a friend and an associate of Barack Obama since 1995 when Obama launched his first political campaign from Ayers' home. FOX News highlights an interview conducted by James Rosen in 2004 with Ayers:

William Ayers, who was a founder of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground, told FOX News correspondent James Rosen in a candid 2004 interview that he still believed he was “on the side of justice” years after the group’s wave of attacks.

In the interview, conducted three years after the September 11 attacks, Ayers argued the U.S. government had carried out “many other acts of terror … even recently, that are comparable,” and claimed he and his bomb-planting comrades were “restrained” in their actions.

Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, served with Barack Obama on the board of the charitable Woods Fund of Chicago for three years and helped launch Obama’s political career in Illinois by hosting in his Hyde Park home an informal campaign event for the future state senator in 1995.

Ayers claimed the Weathermen were driven by “hope and love,” not despair, and said he did not think the group’s violent acts, targeting federal officials and local law enforcement officers, were “a big deal.”

Interviewed in May 2004 in connection with Rosen’s book “The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate,” published recently by Doubleday, Ayers affirmed that 9/11 was “an act of pure terror,” one that had caused him to weep, and that terrorism is “always wrong, always evil.” But Ayers also condemned the Bush administration for using the attacks “to advance a right-wing agenda on every front: every uterus must be examined, every tree chopped down, every oil well dug. I mean, it’s absolute madness.” ...

When asked about some Palestinians who had been captured on videotape dancing in the streets after the attacks, Ayers said coverage of those individuals had been “overwrought” in the U.S. media, and added: “[E]verybody in the world knows that Americans are geographically challenged and historically challenged. We don’t have a sense of who we are or where we are. So I think every American that I know was weeping over the next several weeks, and devastated and shocked. Was that an act of pure terror? It absolutely was.

“And there are many other acts of terror carried out by our government, even recently, that, that are comparable. And there are other acts of terror that have gone on in places like Bosnia that we forgot to notice.” ...

Explaining how he became a leader of the radical 1960s antiwar group, the Weathermen (and its subsequent fugitive incarnation, the Weather Underground), Ayers was unrepentant about the group’s planting of bombs in the Capitol, the Pentagon, and other sites. “I think I was on the side of justice and ultimately it will be seen that way,” Ayers said. “I don’t think our move was so much towards violence.

He thinks he was on the right side of the issues then, and believes that history will paint him in a good light. Now we know that none of the bombings hurt anyone, save the three fools who blew themselves up in Greenwich Village. But it's the fact that they openly declared war on the United States and carried out a wave of bombings across the country.

Obama tried to deflect his ties to Ayers and failed miserably. He hasn't distanced himself from Bill Ayers. In fact, he has defended both Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn calling them "mainstream" and "respectable members of the establishment." Obama refuses to sever ties to Bill Ayers despite what Ayers and Company pulled in the 1970s. The excuse he uses (in the ad and elsewhere) is that he was eight years old at the time the bombings occurred. Go to the last link above, and listen to what Bill Ayers and his wife said at the SDS reunion last year. They still think, as with the Rosen interview, that they did what they had to do, and they were heroes to the cause.

Does this mean that Obama has a soft spot for terrorists? No it doesn't because he did call their attacks "reprehensible." That's not the point. The point is that this relationship speaks a great deal about his judgment. That was the point of the 527 ad that Obama is trying to have yanked from the air through the use of strong-arm tactics against the TV stations airing it, and urging the Justice Department to get involved in this little tiff. So instead of just letting the issue air out, as John Kerry did in 2004 with the Swift Boat ads, Obama is throwing a hissy fit.

Thank you, senator for making him a legitimate issue. Obviously there is a there there that he doesn't want people looking into. Answering the initial ad has shown just how thin-skinned he is with his relationship to a man who was a terrorist, and is completely remorseless for his past actions.

If he has no problem associating with a domestic terrorist who believes that he did the right thing, then we have no choice but to question Obama's judgment. The media shouldn't be giving him a pass on this. If John McCain had associated himself with Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph the media would be shouting that from the rooftops. But Obama and Ayers? Nah. Move along. Nothing to see here. And that is an indictment of the media. They knew that this empty suit wouldn't make it to this point without them shilling for him, and covering his butt. But they won't persuade people to ignore this. Too many people know about this relationship, and a lot of them aren't happy with it.

No one likes an apologist for terrorists. And while he hasn't apologized for Ayers past, he certainly seems to have excused it, and forgiven it.

Publius II

ADDENDUM: Over at ChicagoBoyz Shannon Love adds this to the Ayers news today:

As I have noted before, the real troubling aspect of the Obama-Ayers relationship is that Obama comes from a political subculture in which Ayers is an accepted and unremarkable individual. Looking at Ayers, one is forced to ask exactly what kind of leftist extremism would be considered unacceptable by Obama and his cohorts.

Hammer. Nail. Head. Heh.


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