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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good morning Mr. President

OK, we gave him his day yesterday. (Thanks to all the e-mailers accusing me of drinking the Obama kool-aid yesterday. Today you now have egg on your face.) Today is a brand new day. I figured I'd give the new president a quickie briefing. And just scanning some headlines I see my warning yesterday is more than true. He does have quite a bit on his plate.

Mr. President, France is saying they will send no further soldiers to Afghanistan. French Defense Minister Herve Morin claims they've sent their fair share there. As an unofficial adviser, I'd suggest a phone call to President Sarkozy.

Additionally the Gaza saga continues as Palestinian smuggling tunnels have been reopened which has Israel quite nervous considering it was revealed yesterday that Iran will try to rearm Hamas with longer range rockets.

At the behest of the Congoese government Rwandan troops have entered the Democratic Republic of Congo in an effort to deal with Hutu rebels. Yet more evidence that the Congoese government can't handle these rebels that have plagued them since 1994.

The "crackdown" on dissent in Russia has claimed another life in Stanislav Markelov. Markelov was a human rights lawyer fighting to keep a criminal in jail, and worked regularly with underground reporters working to expose the criminal corruption of the current Russian government. His murder was very professional; a single gunshot to the head.

North Korea is screaming for attention again claiming that they've "weaponized" plutonium into warheads. We can joke about Kim Jong-Il being "so ronery" but this little runt needs to be dealt with decisively.

Closer to home violence along the US/Mexico border persists as the drug cartels continue to wreak havoc against government soldiers and law enforcement personnel.

It appears that there might be a power struggle, of sorts, between Hamas and Fatah in the wake of Operation Cast Lead with both sides accusing the other of holding back humanitarian aid, and Hamas taking retribution on Fatah leaders they believed were collaborating with the IDF.

And, Mr. President, Israel's problems are far from over as Hezbollah is now threatening to strike from the Lebanese border to mark the anniversary of the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh with terrorism.

Oh, and former CIA chief James Woolsey has a small piece of advice for you -- think like your enemy does.

And your poll of the day is that a majority of Americans don't want to see Gitmo closed and many people aren't fond of your idea to halt the Gitmo trials.

Bus drivers in Pakistan are being threatened with suicide bombings by the Taliban should those drivers play music or videos for their passengers. Your Secretary of State nominee -- currently being held up by Senator Cronyn -- is advising that you send Rodney King to Pakistan as an envoy so he can teach them "how to get along."

Finally, the Iranians are not happy with you and you've yet to do anything concerning them. Furthermore, 100,000 hardline students in Iran have signed up, and are enthusiastic about, martyrdom operations in Gaza against the IDF.

That ends your briefing this morning Mr. President. Remember, the only easy day was yesterday. Good luck.

Publius II


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