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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama White House can't figure out the technology

His campaign people and supporters bragged about how techno-savvy everyone was. But, as the WaPo reports today they're not nearly as savvy as they claimed to be. (HT to Captain Ed) From the WaPo's "Voices" blog:

It's more than five hours and counting now since the entire White House e-mail system went down.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced the technical snafu at his 1:30 p.m. briefing, apologizing to the media for the e-mail silence this afternoon.

The result is maddening for the new White House team, which already has been frustrated with the archaic communications gear they discovered when they arrived at their offices.

White House aides had just switched over from their transition e-mails this weekend, finally handing out their new, government e-mail addresses when the outage hit.

Both outgoing and incoming mail are out, the result, an aide explained, of an outage with the Outlook server. The aide said the outage goes beyond the press shop. The first lady's office is also without e-mail, as are other offices.

There was no indication when the e-mail service would return. For the moment, the press office is making even more use of the loudspeaker in the briefing room.

And the executive orders that President Obama signed this morning were photocopied and are sitting on a table outside the briefing room.

As to other, more sophisticated communications equipment at the White House -- including systems that might be found in the Situation Room -- an aide said: "We don't comment on security issues."

Outlook isn't bad, and it's used by a lot of businesses, both large and small. Personally, I don't like Outlook. We have our own screen names on AOL, and one other e-mail account that we use to contact our sources that we occasionally use. But the White House isn't us, and they can use whatever they want. Captain Ed also points out there's been some whining about six-year old software on the PCs (the Obama staff prefers Macs), but we'd think they'd welcome that. Vista stinks. Sorry for all you Vista users out there that love the thing, but we know far more people who complain about it than actually like it. As a matter of fact, a few of our AOL pals constantly complained how Vista didn't work right with the AOL software, and it resulted in them removing Vista and reinstalling XP.

The point is that these guys claimed to be so techno savvy. They trumpeted it during the campaign, and we expected better from them taking over the White House. And, of course, they're blaming Bush for this. Lord knows why as the president didn't tell them not to change up the computers or the operating systems. To each their own when a new administration takes over the reins of power. Instead of complaining about it, maybe they ought to, oh I don't know, do something about it? Anyone know if the White House has a revamp mention in the pork-a-palooza generational theft bill? (I checked already. There's none mentioned. Maybe they can use some of Granny Rictus' contraception idiocy.)

Eventually these monkeys are going to have to quit with the excuses and actually man-up to take responsibility for their ineptitude.

Publius II


Blogger Broadsword said...

Not to the post, but, on the radio I always hear, "Hugh, Thomas from Mesa..." Here I see Sid and Vaughn. Where is Thomas? Thanks.

January 27, 2009 at 5:51 PM  
Blogger Syd And Vaughn said...


My wife and I chose Syd and Vaughn as a pseudonym. The person who writes under Publius II -- me -- is Thomas.

Publius II

January 28, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

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