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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The failure of the Democrats on retreat

The nutters are losing their minds right now screaming that the GOP is "obstructing" legislation. That's a lie. It's an all-out lie. Harry Reid this morning decided to be a baby, rather than a man, and because he lost his vote on surrender he decided to pull defense appropriations from the Senate floor. The vote went down in flames -- not even close -- 52-47. No cloture. No retreat. And the Left is fuming over it. Michelle Malkin ran a live blog of the events last night (minus a nap because she is a mom, and her kids need her, too) and she also ran a live blog of the fallout from the post-vote disaster. She has the roll call. Four GOPers are now targets: Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel, Gordon Smith, and Olympia Snowe. These people need to be met int he primaries with conservative alternatives, and those people need to be supported.

NO GOP official in the Senate should be allowed to return to the deliberative body if they voted for defeat, and this vote was exactly that.

Harry Reid's veiled tantrum was the final point of the morning. The fact that he acted like a spoiled brat because he didn't get his way speaks volumes to the nation. WE have said this before,a nd I'll repeat it now. The children are in charge of the Democrat party. They act like it regularly. They throw fits and tantrums when they don't get their way. Instead of giving these people any sort of notice, they should be shunned. They do not support the troops int he field because they're being two-faced about it. They approved General Petreus unanimously. They gave the president the funds for the surge, as well as the time, and now they're pulling an about face on it. These people don't reflect the attitude of their constituents. They are catering to the whims of a few that has zero clue what it's like to be in a war like this. We conservatives occasionally must deal with the accusations that we're "chicken-hawks" because we're not over there right now, yet when we throw that right back in their face, they poo-poo the charge back at them.

The insults don't fly. They're not sticking. They're the machinations of children, and barely rate notice. Those that opt to learn will remain in their adolescence. Those that do learn understand things much better. For an example of that, check out the interview conducted by Hugh Hewitt today with General David Petreus. After all, the man would know a lot more than Harry Reid or any Democrat, for that matter, does. The surge is working. It isn't failed as Harry Reid states. It's working, and effectively so. Without it working as well as it is, this capture might not have been possible. As a matter of fact, don't take my word for it, take the general's:

Well, obviously, we have been surging our forces during that time. We have added five Army brigade combat teams, two Marine battalions, and a Marine expeditionary unit, and some enablers, as they’re called. And over the last month, that surge of forces has turned into a surge of offensive operations. And we have achieved what we believe is a reasonable degree of tactical momentum on the ground, gains against the principal near-term threat, al Qaeda-Iraq, and also gains against what is another near-term threat, and also potentially the long term threat, Shia militia extremists as well. As you may have heard, that today, we announced the capture of the senior Iraqi leader of al Qaeda-Iraq, and that follows in recent weeks the detention of some four different emirs, as they’re called, the different area leaders of al Qaeda, six different foreign fighter facilitators, and a couple dozen other leaders, in addition to killing or capturing hundreds of other al Qaeda-Iraq operatives.

The surge is working.

I'm sick of this crap from the Democrats. I'm sick of Harry Reid. To all the GOP base that sat at home in 2006, we warned you this would happen. I would have much rather dealt with a GOP majority, at least in the Senate, than no majority at all. We knew that the Democrats weren't going to accomplish anything, and their primary focus was going to be on withdrawing the troops. They think the 2006 elections were a mandate for withdrawal. No, sorry. Again they're wrong. 2006 was about removing a feckless GOP majority that had literally turned into little Democrats. It had little, if anything, to do with Iraq.

The nation doesn't want to retreat from Iraq without achieving it's goals. Right now those goals go towards securing the nation. We're doing that, hand-in-hand with the Iraqi military and security forces. The security aspect of the surge is working well, and is close to completion. The political side of it lies in the hands of the government-elect. General Petreus has no say int hat. He handles the security side of the equation. But the Democrats to claim that the surge has failed is not only grossly premature, but it's irresponsible.

It's time for the adults to take back their once, great party. If they can't, then the kids in the driver's seat are going to wreck it. In 2008, the goal of this nation should be to remove those in power that believe their only goal is to ensure defeat for America.

Publius II


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